10 Inspirational Quotes From Teen Vogue



Teen Vogue turns 18! Take a look back at some of our most iconic, memorable and inspiring moments over the years.

Since its creation, Vogue teens has been a place of empowerment for the next generation of leaders, change makers and rebels. For 18 years, we’ve explored the effects of gun violence, the pressures young stars face in the music industry, and the complexities of the fashion industry.

Over the years, Vogue teens has witnessed the vital importance of young adults to the world around us. Their perspective provides important context and gives a platform for their peers to stand up and fight for what they are passionate about.

Passion can come from something as simple as words on a page. Reading a clip from your favorite artist, stylist or activist can allow you to shamelessly pursue your goals.

Below we have put together 10 inspirational quotes from articles, covers and conversations Vogue teens has had over the years.

Chip Somodevilla

On school shootings and gun violence in America: “Parkland youth are working to end gun violence through actions such as the March for Our Lives event in Washington, DC on March 24 and the ongoing #NeverAgain movement. I am one of them. Fed up with the apathy in this country, we realized we don’t have to wait for our voices to be heard or for someone else to make the change – we have to be the change we need. see.

Ryan mcginley



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