3 teens arrested after series of armed robberies in Thomasville apartment



THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WCTV) – Two armed robberies at an apartment complex in Thomasville only happened on a day apart. Lt. Toby Knifer of the Thomasville Police Department said 17-year-old Jamarion Sharp was arrested along with two 15-year-olds both in connection with the thefts at Hampton Lake apartments.

Officers first responded to the Hampton Lake apartment complex on Monday evening, just after 5:30 pm Lieut. Knifer said a woman had just returned home and was about to enter her apartment when she was approached by two of the three suspects.

The victim was held at gunpoint and the suspects demanded all the money she had. Knifer said the suspects were filmed moments before the theft, which matched the victim’s description of what they were wearing.

“Dark colored clothing and face coverings,” the lieutenant described. Knife.

The next day, Knifer said investigators were able to positively identify the suspects and, from the video, realized that a third suspect was involved.

“Unfortunately, they decided to do the second heist just as we were getting ready to move on to the first. If we had developed information earlier, we would have acted on it, ”Lieut. Kniger said.

Suspects hit the same compound and a second victim on Tuesday, but this time authorities knew exactly where to find them. Lieut. Knifer said one of the suspects was arrested during a traffic stop shortly after the second theft, and the other two were arrested at their separated residents’ homes.

Because two of the teens are 15, their names have not been released, but all three are charged with theft, armed robbery and burglary.

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