A Singaporean clothing brand creates a bikini with verses from the Quran


A Tiktok user with the account Abu.toz June 19 uploaded a video explaining its concern about a Singaporean clothing brand that produced women’s clothing with designs disrespectful to Muslims.

The video of the Tiktok user, who is known to be an American Muslim, quickly went viral on the video-sharing platform.

The user expressed surprise after finding Playmate, an online store, selling bikinis with Quran verse designs on them. In the video, while showing several examples of bikini outfits demonstrated by models, along with photos of bikinis with verses from the Muslim holy book, he says that we (Muslims) need to do something about the clothing products he calls it an “insult to Islam”. ”

The netizen claims that the production of bikinis with golden Arabic writing is part of the wave of Islamophobia that often echoes these days. However, it is very disrespectful to millions of Muslims around the world.

When he discovered that the Playmate clothing brand was located in Paya Lebar, Singapore, the man couldn’t help but say he had lost respect for Singapore and held the country responsible for allowing the publication of such things on its website. He also asked the company to stop producing bikinis with verses from the Holy Quran.

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Although many support Toz. Tube’s actions regarding his explanation of this incident. However, many Singaporeans claim to be unsympathetic to the user because they believe he has vilified Singaporeans as a whole.

After receiving negative feedback, Toz.Tube apologized for their comments about Singaporeans. He admitted he was emotional while making the video and had no intention of attacking the Singaporeans. But his apology was dismissed as netizens felt the apology was insincere because he said that “it took someone from America to find these disrespectful women’s clothes.

Meanwhile, several other users said that more research should be done on the website because when they searched for the list of accounting and business regulatory authorities, it did not provide any matching results for Playmate with Paya Lebar’s address.

The company is known to operate in the United States, with suppliers from Zhejiang, China.

At the time of writing, articles containing “Quran Verses”, which were the subject of online debate, have been removed from the online store.



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