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Hong Kong, China — (Release Wire) – 06/16/2022 – What Amazon did for online shoppers, Shopify did for physical sales, and now AllValue is launching an alternative solution for e-commerce businesses to boost their sales and traffic management. By enabling small and large sellers to start an online store, drive private traffic, leverage social commerce, and accept credit card payments, AllValue is revolutionizing the retail industry.

AllValue saw an inherent shortcoming in conventional e-commerce and developed a simple, cost-effective solution. Major online marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress and Taobao prevent e-commerce merchants from building brand loyalty and creating personalized services. They even charge big commissions on sales, so many of these stakeholders are exploring the DTC model. AllValue attempts to address this need by; fueling the power of social commerce and private domain traffic and providing an easy-to-use, low-risk, low-cost platform.

AllValue has created a world-class franchise with endless possibilities.

AllValue can help your business sell faster than your competitors

While most Ecommerce Website Builders focused on targeting direct merchants to customers, allowing them to build a website, market and process transactions, AllValue recognized this system but took their approach to the next level.

As a result, AllValue has created a solution that uses digital methods to create an e-commerce platform that leverages the strengths of social media across various touchpoints to create resilient and decentralized private domain traffic for commerce merchants. electronic. In addition, the AllValue offers can be summarized from the following points of view:

1. Website Builder: Merchants have access to hundreds of customizable, dynamic and responsive website design templates suitable for any niche. AllValue websites adapt to all types of devices and are secured according to industry best practices.

2. Marketing: The AllValue platform creates support for omnichannel marketing via social media, email, etc. There is still room for affiliate and influencer marketing for brands going this route. But above all, the AllValue platform has integrated the best analysis modules to optimize marketing efforts.

3. Operations: Recognizing the complexities of managing an e-commerce outfit, AllValue has implemented a system that addresses the complex functions of e-commerce. From product sourcing to inventory management, logistics and everything in between, AllValue’s data-powered platform takes responsibility for your product’s first step up to on final delivery.

AllValue has clearly demonstrated its abilities to maximize retail value

These core functions (website creation, marketing, and operations) of AllValue focus on the value proposition to solve consumer problems through an integrated solution, which makes the SaaS platform a top choice for cross-border traders despite coming onto the scene a few years ago. from. As of 2021, AllValue hosts over 5000 high-quality cross-border merchants going overseas with various offers. This necessitated the expansion of the AllValue team into regions such as; North America and Japan.

In an effort to help e-commerce brands grow, which is actually the idea behind the brand name “AllValue”, the company changed the solutions for retail merchants and decided to allow merchants easily build cross-border e-commerce websites, conduct overseas advertising and social marketing. , harness private domain traffic, connect global payment and logistics, and achieve continued growth. This is based on the new format of modern retail which has widely recognized decentralized retail operation as a new trend.

This requires many adjustments and iterations, which results in the updating and iteration of several product functions. Over 70 optimizations and iterations occur every month, with notable features such as; distribution alliance, mobile-first store, WeChat applet, SEO/SEM, etc., to connect deeply with existing customers.

In the future, the private domain ecosystem and DTC brands will become common in the retail industry. Thus, merchants need stronger operational capabilities and system support. Without a doubt, retail businesses that focus on freelance website building, social marketing, and customer experience are bound to hold promise. Therefore, AllValue is betting on the potential of private domain traffic and the need for a DTC+B2B omnichannel solution. AllValue believes these solutions can bring local e-commerce brands to the global stage while remaining relevant.

AllValue’s success demonstrates the power of its product-driven approach to creating solutions for cross-border e-commerce businesses. They have taken the e-commerce space by surprise to become a major player in cross-border online retail, and the future looks bright for AllValue’s continued growth.

About AllValue
AllValue is the brainchild of Chinese merchant giant Youzan. It is a SaaS platform that offers the best ecommerce website builder solutions for individuals and businesses at a reasonable cost. AllValue’s suite of services means brands can easily harness the potential of e-commerce and get their products or services to market in no time.

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