An avant-garde couple tackle the future


FASHION is expected to slow down in Dumfries and Galloway with the launch of a new community project.

The Dumfries Slow Fashion movement will aim to tackle climate change by encouraging shoppers to act differently and think about recycling, swapping, altering and renting outfits.

And it will officially launch with a showcase at the Theater Royal next month.

The project is the brainchild of Marie and Daniel McKinnon, owners of the Dumfries Circle Vintage clothing store – pictured above.

They’ll be hosting the Re: Dress event on October 29, where they’ll showcase some of their own vintage pieces alongside custom and recycled second-hand clothing. At the center of the stage, a collection of “Trash Couture” clothing made from recovered waste.

The couple said: “The climate emergency is in the forefront of the news right now and, while we all know that fast fashion is causing damage to our environment, it is important to recognize that the clothing industry is, in fact, one of the main polluters in the world, just behind the oil industry. In recent decades, massive environmental damage has been caused by greenhouse gas emissions, chemical waste, overexploitation of water supplies and resources, as well as untold damage to people and communities across the world, just to produce our clothes.

“Every year 350,000 tonnes, or around £ 140million of used but still wearable clothing goes to landfill in the UK alone, which equates to 30% of our unwanted clothing, and a colossal value of $ 2 , £ 7 billion worth of outfits sent to landfill in the UK each year have only been worn once.

Discussing the solutions, they said: ‘While the simple answer might be to stop buying clothes, the sheer amount of clothes bought in the UK each year shows that fashion is making a difference in people’s lives. which might not be that easy to give up, then Dumfries Slow Fashion Movement aims to help us reduce the impact of our clothing choices on the environment without having to give up fashion altogether.

“Instead of buying new, it will encourage everyone to reuse, trade, rent, share resources and skills, recycle, recycle, modify and buy vintage and second-hand clothes, which keeps the clothes. longer, reduce waste and reduce addiction to fashion fast. , without sacrificing personal style.

Calling on local buyers to think about their consumption, Daniel added, “We all need to do our part in trying to slow climate change and an easy place to start is to reuse the things we already have.

“We decided to start the community project with a fashion show because that way we can show the kinds of things that are possible with a little creativity and some basic skills. Hopefully people will see that we can all still satisfy our love for clothes and have our own unique style, without it literally costing the Earth! “

Tickets for the Slow Fashion Show will go on sale soon. For more information or to get involved, contact Circle Vintage by email at [email protected]

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