launches AI demand modeling studio for consumer products and retail businesses


Provide the first AI modeling tool with production ready models that empower users to leverage their own expertise

DALLAS, TX, July 7, 2021 – Leading company in the field of AI forecasting technology,, today launched its AI Demand Modeling Studio in the consumer and retail product market. The solution enables enterprises to have production-ready AI models, pipelines and workflows for forecasting, shaping and demand execution use cases.

“Innovation is a fundamental value of and one of the main reasons our clients do business with us. I’m proud of our first demand modeling studio focused on retail and CPG use cases. Now customers no longer have to choose between the stability and reliability of a SaaS solution and the flexibility and experimentation of an in-house solution. They can have both. Our customers invest in their own data science teams to continuously innovate, and we enable them. “

—Sivakumar Lakshmanan, Co-CEO,

With the primary goal of better understanding consumer demand and more accurately forecasting future demand, the AI ​​Demand Modeling Studio enables businesses to adopt AI-based forecasting and other business modeling practices. demand without the heavy burdens required by generic AI platforms, or restrictions. of black box solutions to customize pre-built models.’s AI demand modeling studio is fully customizable by design, enabling companies to continually scale up, extend, tune and improve models, putting the power to create and use AI to make accurate demand forecasts. The Center of Excellence (COE) or data science teams can now configure antuit.aiAI models from, or bring their own, into the same low-code modeling studio.


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