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07 April 2022

In a survey by the Veritonic audio research platform, the Ace Hardware jingle, “ACE is the place with useful material people,” was the only track from a retailer to make it to the top ten “audio logos” list.

In the foreword, Scott Simonelli, CEO of Veritonic, noted that an increasing number of brands are incorporating sound into their marketing because consumers are listening to more audio and podcasts digitally. “As audio consumption continues to grow, how a brand sounds becomes as important as how it looks,” he said.

According to Veritonic’s survey of 2,800 US consumers, the top ten sound logos were: Folgers, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Farmers Insurance, KFC, Little Caesar’s, Ace Hardware, Safelite, Red Robin and Arby’s.

The Ace Hardware jingle particularly stood out for its familiarity. The remaining eight retailers on Veritonic’s rankings were Ashley Hardware, Menards, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Kay Jewelers, Michaels, Wayfair, Traeger and Dollar Shave Club.

In the QSR space, the seven recognized restaurants were KFC, followed by Little Caesar’s, Arby’s, Red Robin, Popeyes, McDonald’s and Taco Bell.

Not surprisingly, Spotify believes in the value of the sonic brand. In a blog entry As of January, Spotify wrote: “Just as jingles worked to keep brands top of mind in the heyday of television, a specific sound or a consistent voice-over artist in your digital audio ads can stick with people. “

Advertiser Perceptions’ H2 2021 Podcast Advertising Market Report found that 53% of US advertisers were increasing their spending on podcasts in 2022, with more than half spending more on digital/streaming audio in general . the study said, “Advertisers recognize that audiences are growing and loyal, and they now rank podcasts on par with TV to drive brand popularity.”

“Sound is the fastest human sense, faster than smell, taste, sight and even touch,” wrote Kevin Grady, senior partner, design at brand consultancy Lippincott in a recent column for fast company explore voice technology applications. He added, “Combine that with the fact that music elicits emotions, which is a big driver of brand loyalty, and the potential for sound in branding is crystal clear.”

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Why are most US retailers and brands no longer investing in developing strong jingles? Do you think sound branding will make a comeback with digital streaming, podcasting and other digital audio opportunities?


“While there are many more media options these days and consumers consume media differently, the advent of social platforms such as TikTok makes this a prime time for a comeback”


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