BACK TO SCHOOL: Save Money on Clothes



WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WAOW) – Amidst all the back-to-school shopping, parents are forced to take a few trips to find new outfits for the kids.

Especially if families have a college or teenager at home, it can be difficult to find something they like and something that isn’t expensive.

That’s why lightly used clothing stores might be the place to find deals.

For example, Plato’s closet has a variety of sizes for juniors ranging from 00 to 26.

They also have men’s sizes ranging from extra small to triple extra large.

There are even accessories like shoes, bags and belts.

And these items make up about 60-70% of retail value.

The owner of Plato’s Closet says the variety gives the customer options.

“I think it’s very unique, you aren’t dressed from head to toe in one brand. You can mix and match and change up your style if you want to. You can be who you feel,” Stephanie Oyer, Owner of Platon’s Closet Wausau, said. “And I think that’s important with teens and young adults changing their minds all the time. You don’t have to spend a lot and you still like what you have.”

And if you’re looking to save a little more, you can sell clothes that no longer fit in Plato’s closet.

“Your kids have a bunch of things they don’t wear anymore, and you get money for that, so put them to work. At the end of the summer, clean their closet, then they get some money. money for that and then apply it to get things that they like and then wear, ”Oyer said.

There are also other stores in the area that offer discounted clothing, such as Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, and Nice as New.



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