Berserk gets new clothing and accessories line from Art Of War Japan



The Japanese brand of merchandise design Art of war launched a new clothing line in collaboration with GaGa Studio, the studio now responsible for managing the Berserk franchise in the wake of Kentaro miurapassed away suddenly in May 2021, wearing long and short sleeve shirts alongside a newly designed Behelit necklace that updates the design using updated modeling and sculpting techniques. The three shirts shown are “Berserker”, “Skull Knight” and “Branding Iron”, shown below:

BERSERKER long-sleeved t-shirt

Skull Knight Long Sleeve T-Shirt

T Beserk branding iron

The shirts will be on pre-order December 11 in Japan and will be available to order until January 30. The Berserk branded iron shirt will cost 9,570 while the Skull Knight and Berserker shirts will cost 9,990.

Online version

Great exhibition Berserk-Kentaro Miura 32 years of painting version

The design house has also released two new designs for the Behelit necklace, one that will be sold online, and a three-piece set with distinct features on each pendant that will be exclusive to the ongoing Beserk exhibition in Osaka. The online version will be sold for 6,050, while the exhibition exclusive version is limited to 100 sets and will be sold on site for 16,500.

All of the above clothing and merchandise is available for pre-order now, with shipping dates falling after the show ends in May. Behelit necklaces will be shipped first, followed by shirts, which have a delivery time of 1-3 months after the last day of the show.

SOURCES: Natalie comic, Art Of War (JP)

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