Brando Chiesa’s brand “Brando Chiesa” creates headlines with constant collaborations

Brando Chiesa’s brand “Brando Chiesa” creates headlines with constant collaborations

New Delhi : Most of the success stories in this world are created after years and not overnight. However, only a few of them have the power to win hearts, as they are made of pure passion, resilience, and courage. It won’t be wrong to say that Brando Chiesa’s story is one where he went from being a tattoo artist to being a well-known fashion designer with his brand “Brando Chiesa” (@brando__xoxo), which recently delighted everyone world at Milan Fashion Week (MFW) after joining the famous sportswear brand called Revenant RV NT.

What caught people’s attention the most was the fact that the filming of said collaboration was a deal to remember since it was shot in the woods, something that could be considered a “nightmare” for fashion professionals, organizing a show within 24 hours. hours. Keeping the natural scenery seen as in horror movies, they made the shooting of the Fall Winter 2022.23 collection, showcasing the parade of their clothes, which shocked people with the staggering effort to make something special. crazy as it gets in the fashion world. . Kudos to the fearlessness of Brando Chiesa for making something so big, where the famous tattoo artist and fashionpreneur transformed his brand’s signature chain into the animation of his famous comic girls and a skull instead of a padlock .

His creative visions, whether in tattoos or design, have taken Brando Chiesa (@brandochiesa) and his clothing brand to the top of the fashion space. He showed his A game in the industry, especially after reinterpreting his clothing brand’s logo giving it a gothic look. He was thrilled to do this collaboration which resulted in a fascinating fashion experience. His clothing brand Brando Chiesa is relatively new to the industry and has always been successful in collaborating with other brands on such important projects. This proves his excellence as a fashionpreneur and the authenticity of his brand.


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