Breaking The Fashion-Filled ‘Light’ Season Finale Of ‘The Other Two’



Warning: Spoilers for “The Other Two” Season Two Finale below.

The second season of “The Other Two” continued to outdo itself, episode by episode, especially when it comes to the perfect sartorial comedy. Kudos should go to Jill Bream, who designed the costumes for the hilarious and often meta moments of fashion: Cary Dubek (Drew Tarver) being laced up (gasp) in her benchmark “gay fashion harness” Timothée-Chalamet-in-Louis-Vuitton (christened by co-designers Chris Howard and Sarah Schneider), Sister Brooke (Heléne Yorke) finally landed her watermarked red carpet photo Getty in one the remarkable Tanya Taylor costume, and her intermittently sweet ex-lance again (played by a Josh Segarra who steals the stage) asserting himself as a successful streetwear designer and teaming up with mini-mogul ChaseDreams (Case Walker) on a fashion collection. And to think it all started with Lance’s previously rejected – and clearly underrated – invention, “dry-erase sneakers,” which ultimately caught the attention of Nike and Shawn Mendes. (“You know Shawn Mendes.”)

“He started at Footlocker with big dreams,” Segarra says, with infectious enthusiasm to the Lance (and as I melt a bit). “Suddenly he’s got his own fashion show with ChaseDreams. Let’s go! “

The track debut of the “CHS x LNC” line also serves as a catalyst to bring the Dubek family together, all distracted by the responsibilities of their own relative successes. Bream closes the season by designing a “legitimate” avant-garde collection – as Cary marvels with awe – that is a barrage of priceless jokes. It’s also “really tight and crisp,” as Chase puts it when promoting her on her mom’s popular Pat (Molly Shannon) daytime talk show.

Proud mom Pat (Molly Shannon) and Chase (Case Walker) in CHS x LNC from head to toe.

A seasoned triple threat, Segarra – with roles ranging from a vengeful serial killer on “Arrow” to RuPaul’s crook boyfriend on “AJ and the Queen” to Jorge’s cop brother on “Katy Keene” (RIP) – has imagined a delightful backstory for Lance’s design process with Chase.

“I feel like we went karting and then chatted about it with some corndogs – what was going to be our color scheme and what we liked about the business. It was a long discussion with a lot of people. laughs, a few sodas, and then we went our separate ways, ”Segarra says. “Lance is sitting in his apartment. He works. He designs and does things together. He probably texts Chase every hour, every hour, tossing him a picture or two, and Chase says something like ‘tight.’ or ‘bomb’. or ‘the grind never stops.’ “(Considering Chase thinks that attending his own show for” all the time “is” very involved, “I feel like Lance deserves first place on its vowel-less collaboration logo.)

In real life, the Bream process was a bit more structured, starting with the script and the three co-creator guidelines, which makes me lol as I write this: Chase in bright orange, a private Pat sleepy and stretched out too much in some sort of “misty” panel-face and Lance in a see-through shirt. “I used it as a springboard to create a line,” she says.

Bream determined that a monochrome palette and mix of textures created the perfect base to add Lance signature sheer elements as needed, for that perfect balance of laughter and style. For cutting edge streetwear elements, Bream looked at Japanese and South Korean brands like Post Archive Faction, D-Antidote, the motorcycle subculture line of Shinsuke Takizawa, NBHD (Neighborhood) and stupid hype Sheltered, as well as fashion revolutionaries Yohji Yamamoto and Rick Owens.

A Chase super-brand shows off the CHS x LNC hero look on Pat’s show (below): copious layers of orange safety cone, a puffy pocket quad, and a perforated PVC-lined hood. He explains that the set is also available in “brown and bad yellow” and is “super versatile” – but only “if you’re famous”. Otherwise, “I wouldn’t wear them because they’re a little ugly and you might look stupid.”

“T-shirts start at $ 4000!

“T-shirts start at $ 4000! “

“I started with freighters,” explains Bream, who custom built the elements of the light outfit. “His arms are completely visible through the plastic, and then I was like, ‘Oh, but he needs the vest, he needs a hoodie.’ It was just a lot of playing around with the props and the design of everything, to make sure it was cohesive, but still a silly joke. ” She even designed a see-through shoulder bag for the teenage superstar.

For Pat’s tribute to the final bride of the couture show, Bream turned to the futuristic South Korean streetwear label 99 percent: “We ask ourselves, ‘How can we make a crazy hooded wedding dress? ” sewing closer? ”She sketched out ideas and collaborated with costume designer and tailor Samuel Bennett to build the sculptural dress, complementing the sheer headband and“ fraggle fringes ”.

“I want there to be gathers and drawstrings, but it has to be tall and too high,” she says. “The ball gown element went in there with a cage, then the sleeves were too long. There’s almost that cyber-punk element, Rick Owens. In the end, it was so heavy – we were really scared. that Molly is traveling, so we just kept hacking the bottom. But the raw edge works. “

Lance portrays the line in a military green tracksuit (below), which has also proven to be an integral part of skillful comedy, when a frustrated Chase seeks advice from his surrogate older brother and design partner. “Wait. I’m shirtless. Let me cover myself up, real quick,” Lance said backstage, before struggling a bit to pull his CHS x LNC sweatshirt over his head, with sound effects running through. appropriate rustling plastic. Ready for their conversation, Lance presents a long-sleeved top – still revealing his entire torso – with a reassuring and adorably distraught giant smile.

“Love the day we were working on this, on the see-through shirt,” Segarra said, with another laugh from Lance. “Because it was [a discussion] to get that color just right. It should have been only pretty transparent and, you know, we want to land the joke. “

“I really want to dab right now, but I tried backstage and the plastic in my shirt almost ripped off my bits.”

To showcase the collection alongside a despondent Chase, Lance dons an excellent teddy bear jacket with sheer elbow panels (above). “[The sweatshirt] is such a funny joke, but when he puts the coat over – and he also has the big cargo ships and the boots – it works and becomes an accurate representation of what I think could happen in any of those like the hyper-stylized street style fashion shows, ”says Bream.

Segarra also wouldn’t have hesitated to take the coat, custom designed like the rest of the CHS x LNC range, home: “It was like a blanket on me. I just wanted to wear it all day. was fantastic. ” (“I tried to steal all my clothes,” he jokes. Maybe.)

‘I’m usually sweaty, but it’s like a finished sweat, ”Segarra explains of her personal style.

All of the sheer elements of the fashion collection are, of course, a reference to her “transparent raincoat”, as Brooke blows, from the season premiere. Bream thinks Lance’s affinity for literal clothing reveal speaks to his character: he “has nothing to hide” in his confidence and self-esteem.

Segarra has an interesting, if not academic, theory that ties into one of Lance’s cutting edge sneaker brainstorms. “‘It’s like a shoe, but invisible, ‘” Segarra said, brilliantly piecing together a dreamy Lance from the first season. “Lance has always been on this track of ‘What are we going to do in the future, because things are going to be invisible?’ He really has to follow that and all of a sudden he’s now designing see-through clothes. Dude, our boy is on the next wave! ”

The attention to detail and follow through on this show is just pure gold, right down to the costumes at the very end of the credits. (After Cary left “The Gay Minute” to film the hapless “Night Nurse”, friend and confidant Curtis Paltrow – Brandon Scott Jones, who also steals stages – takes over as host while wearing a patterned Scotch & Soda shirt, like its predecessor.) Please, Please, Gods of Revival , give us a season three. Think of the possibilities, like Lance and Chase recounting their Paris Fashion Week misadventures for Vogue or the Dubek family attending the Met Gala at the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty, while Streeter (Ken Marino) becomes a Jason Derulo-esque meme. Just a few ideas …

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