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It has been too long since DUites have been seen on the streets of Sarojni Nagar, Kamala Market and all other clothing stores in Delhi. Students rushed to find the best combination of outfits, to keep up with fashion trends. Anyone would be looking for the perfect Pinterest outfit or the trendy Myntra shirt. All this to be the best and for Instagrammable photos. Well those days seem long gone, don’t they now?

Colleges have had a new definition for almost a year and a half now. Today, the Google Meet and Zoom Meeting apps are the new college campus. In addition, the benches are now the beds and the blackboards are the screens of the laptops. In this situation, does the word “mode” make sense? Especially when you’re stuck in a corner and worried about internet bandwidth?

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When you hear the word ‘fashion’ these days, what comes to your mind first? Komal Pandey’s aesthetic but unreal Instagram feed? Or the advanced videos of Sejal Kumar? Or this traveling merchant who sells “100 ka 4” shirts? Well, fashion is a very subjective subject. Everyone follows fashion in their own way and in their own way, even the students of Delhi “online” university. In addition, there are different types of fashion students in an online college.

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At the beginning comes the “I don’t care what people think. “ Students entering this category have officially given hope for the # reopening of DU. They have no idea what their clothes are or how long they have been in these pajamas. Be careful – if they are not brought back to reality, they can continue to wear this outfit forever.

Second comes, “I’m going to wear a decent top over my pants and comb my hair. “ Students in this category are very brave to put in the effort to make their upper body presentable (what if they’re wearing shorts?). They will turn on their cameras to make a good impression in front of the teachers.

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The third category is “I’m going to wash my face to look fresh. No one will even notice my same clothes. They have energy the size of an atom. They will wake up 2 minutes before each class and wash their face to look presentable.

The fourth is “This is my class, I need to study, so let’s make an effort to prepare ourselves first.” These students are generally the best of the class. They will wake up early in the morning, bathe and get ready with new clothes. They will review their grades before each class. To be honest, we all wanted to be the fourth at the beginning but gradually it becomes the first.

The University of Delhi and the DUites have seen fashion travel by leaps and bounds. However, adjusting to the fact that young students will not be able to experience the glamor of fashion is quite depressing. Instagram and Facebook memories appearing in fainting phones will remind them of their college days and fashion sense. But once you think of those students, who didn’t go to college in the traditional way, thinking about fashion might be the last thing. But whatever, just remember that the world is a fashion show and you have to showcase your best walk on the ramp, whether it’s online or offline.

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