Chantel Family Winter Makes Modeling Debut After Weight Loss


Winter Everett of The Family Chantel became a model for a clothing brand. She shows her figure after weight loss in elegant dresses.

Popular The Chantel family Star Winter Everett has become a model for a clothing brand after losing 100 pounds since her bariatric surgery. The young Atlanta native is best known for being the supporting actor in her sister, Chantel Everett’s trip to the 90 day fiance spin off. When Winter made her reality TV debut, she was over 300 pounds and had a terrible relationship with Jah. However, she has now transformed by losing all her weight and becoming a fitness enthusiast.


Recently, Winter hinted at a major career move by posting a video of herself modeling for a clothing company. She wrote, “Be sure to check out Winter Cky Picks,” while mentioning the name of the women’s clothing brand. In the Instagram post, Winter posed in a stylish, seasonal olive green outfit and captioned it “Elegant dress with high collar and belt.” She then redirected her fans to the clothing company’s website, which had her photo as the main banner. The brand’s Instagram page reveals that Winter poses for them as a model. Winter’s latest Instagram Story shows that she’s likely getting ready for another photo shoot in her vanity.

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Fans of the Chantel family praise the natural beauty of winter

    Winter Everett- - Model - Weight Loss - The Chantel Family

Winter’s new modeling achievement has made many The Chantel family happy viewers, who showered her with greetings and love. An Instagram fan told her to carry on and added (via lpria/Instagram), “So proud of you.” Another user spoke about Winter’s natural appearance and said: “You’re actually such a stunning natural beauty inside and out. Even without losing weight, you were a gorgeous 10, now you’re like a 15/10!” Someone else complimented Winter’s unmistakable glow in the photos and added, “Your confidence is what makes you shine. Your beauty has never been in question.”

Over the past few months, Winter has become a fan-favorite TLC star on social media, and it’s all thanks to her can-do attitude. unlike others 90 day fiance cast members who spend time seeking influence after losing weight, Winter uses her appearance to inspire people to be healthy and maintain a body-positive mindset. She never overdoes it with her posts and shares relevant content with her followers to keep them happy. Additionally, Winter remains authentic about her journey, which in turn earns her a lot of praise.

The Chantel family viewers may know that Winter has been through a lot in recent years, especially during her breakup with her longtime boyfriend. Maybe that’s why people now want her to find love with someone who can match her radiant new personality. Unfortunately, TLC didn’t explore Winter’s romantic journey in the final season of The Chantel family, which made fans more curious than before. They now want the network to give him a solo run on 90 days: single life, where she can end her fairy tale with her perfect man. Globally, The Chantel family viewers want to see Winter thrive in his professional life and personal endeavors.

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Credit: Winter Everett/Instagram, lpria, lpria/Instagram


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