Chinese brand JNBY apologizes for ‘welcome to hell’ design on children’s clothing



Chinese clothing brand JNBY apologized after a children’s shirt made up of phrases such as “welcome to hell” and “let me touch you” shocked consumers. According to a BBC report, JNBY’s product also had images of the Grim Reaper on clothing and went viral after a mother uploaded the photo of the shirt online as her family bought it without understanding the meaning of sentences. She said, “” Welcome to hell. Excuse me? Who do you welcome? “

After that, some netizens in China also shared photos of other controversial coins. For example, a black coat produced by the company would contain an image of a person hit by arrows with the words, “The whole place is full of Indians. I’m going to take this gun and tear it to pieces.”

JNBY then posted an article on Weibo, apologizing for the inappropriate images and designs on the product. The company said, “We attach great importance to complaints related to this issue and immediately removed all related products and established a task force to investigate this issue. We hope to revisit the design and approval process, put in place a more stringent internal approval mechanism, and complete the client. to live.”

The company added that customers can request a refund. Regarding the design idea, the company said, “Our design philosophy has always been freedom of imagination. By using the art design, we hoped to create more fun for the kids. We have also promoted the creative design of local designers with the aim of promoting better and more unique creativity, and we also know that (our design) should convey “good core values”. “

Looking ahead, the company said it will strive to provide better children’s clothing to customers by combining creativity and “good core values” in the design.

JNBY is a China-based designer brand fashion house. A Hong Kong-listed company, in its annual report, said JNBY according to information provided by CIC, in 2020, the company ranked first in China’s designer brand fashion industry in terms of sales. total retail, offering clothing, footwear and accessories. as well as household products. The brand targets middle and upper income customers who seek to express their individuality through trendy products.

Photo courtesy of Weibo

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