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The Warren family, Chris, Twyla and their adorable daughter Abbie visited the Fredericktown branch of the Ozark Regional Library on August 31 to teach participants about 1860s uniforms, gear, clothing and toys as part of their historic Civil War Fashions program.

“Our Civil War Fashions program gave an overview of the various uniforms, both Union and Confederate, civilian clothing, children’s clothing and toys, and soldiers’ equipment that visitors might see while on tour. the next reenactment of the Battle of Pilot Knob on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 7, 25-26, 2021, ”Chris said. “People in our program can go there with a little more knowledge of what they will see the various reenactors wearing and using.”

Chris said that many people just think that all soldiers wore a simple blue or gray coat, which is not always true.

“There are many varieties of uniforms, frock coats, fatigue jackets / blouses, shell jackets, roundabouts, deposit jackets, sky blue wool pants, dark blue wool pants, dark gray wool pants, cotton pants. striped, blue / green / brown plaid cotton pants, cotton plaid shirts with wood / pewter / bone buttons, wool shirts, boiled shirts with glass buttons (ceramic buttons), civilian cotton frock coats, vests in wool, civilian cotton vests, and more, ”Chris said.“ Hats ranged from forage caps, slump hats, kepis, Hardee hats, straw hats, English toppers and a wide variety of hats. others. Soldiers may have shoe “brogans”, or “straight” stovepipe boots. Even in military units, not all units were ‘uniform’ in their appearance. “

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