ConsolidationNow has been reorganized as RixLoans Payday


ConsolidationNow has been rebranded as RixLoans Payday. This change reflects the company’s desire to help consumers obtain better loan products and services. The changes will also allow the company to reach more borrowers in various states across the United States.

The RixLoans website is more user-friendly and loan applications will take less time to complete. Consumers who submit their loan applications early can receive their funds the same day. Most applicants will receive their money within 24 hours of approval. Borrowers who cannot obtain loans from traditional financial institutions due to bad credit will have a high chance of obtaining loans from RixLoans without going through a rigorous credit check.

As more Americans face financial challenges in 2022, RixLoans founder Usman Konst aims to provide loans at competitive rates and educate more people about personal finance. He believes that everyone deserves a second chance in life. The founder of RixLoans has made it easier for more people to get loan approvals online by linking them to many direct lenders.

The company will meet the needs of all borrowers looking for payday loans, installment loans and title loans, among other financial products. His financial news blog will also help consumers keep up to date with the latest news from the lending industry. This blog will benefit those looking for tips and developments to save money in the lending industry.

In addition to providing online loan services, RixLoans will also strive to give back to the community. The company will do this through child welfare initiatives, food bank donations and awareness activities. Customers can receive more updates regarding these programs by following the company on all of its social media platforms.

RixLoans understands that every borrower needs security assurance when submitting their details online. That’s why the company uses computer virus protection software to detect and prevent malicious programs on its computer network. It also uses secure transmissions to help maintain data privacy. All information is sent using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Borrowers from all states that allow payday loans can access RixLoans loan services. The company operates online and anyone who meets the payday loan eligibility criteria can apply through the company’s website.

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