Court documents, arrest shed light on Los Gatos party mother



The parties didn’t end when Shannon O’Connor moved her two young teenagers to Idaho.

When Los Gatos’ mother – who is accused of hosting secret parties where she encouraged her 15-year-old son and the Los Gatos high school student to drink and engage in sex acts – was arrested last week in Boise suburb of Star, she was found in her new rental home with 12 teenagers – 10 boys and two girls – “most of whom spent the night there,” authorities said.

Shannon O’Connor, aka Shannon Bruga, has been charged with endangering children and sexual violence over allegations that she repeatedly provided alcohol to her son and other teenagers for boisterous parties at her Los Gatos home, and is now believed to be doing the same with her. other homes in Idaho. (Ada County Sheriff’s Office)

“Our investigators suspect (O’Connor) of having organized other parties with local teenagers in recent months,” according to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

Now O’Connor, 47, sits in an Idaho jail with more than 40 criminal charges filed against her in the Bay Area, including multiple counts of endangering children, sexual violence and sexual abuse of children. Her sons, who local authorities have determined to be “in imminent danger,” are in the custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

According to neighbors at a luxury apartment complex near Eagle, Idaho, where O’Connor and his boys first moved in this year, the parties were so loud this summer that neighbors in the bas urged their owner to evict them. Soon after, O’Connor moved close to Star pending the sale of his family’s $ 4.7 million home in Los Gatos.

There are indications that while O’Connor was investigated in Santa Clara County for the Los Gatos holidays, the news was spreading to where she lived in Idaho.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, a local family who met and befriended O’Connor online learned of the Los Gatos parties and criminal investigation and attempted to break up the ties to O’Connor, also known as Shannon Bruga and married. to Silicon Valley Technical Director Robert Amaral.

“They told detectives that is when she started harassing them,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

More charges loom: In addition to the 39 party-related charges filed against O’Connor on Oct. 8, Santa Clara County prosecutors filed three major theft charges alleging that she had racked up $ 120,000 in unpaid expenses. authorized on his former employer’s business credit cards – including payments for limousine rides, clothing and alcohol delivered to his home.

O’Connor was apparently known in some Los Gatos circles as “the cool mom” since her oldest son was in college. She raised her eyebrows among the parents for her fellowship with the friends of her sons. This apparently became more pronounced as the oldest son entered high school, with his texting and Snapchat messages to teens.

The investigation led by the prosecutor’s office maintains that his illegal parties extended from June 2020, when his eldest son was 14, to May 2021 and included at least a half-dozen large events and several small gatherings mainly involving 14 and 15 years old. old.

A dominant element of the parties, as the teens allegedly told investigators, was that O’Connor encouraged the teens to have sex or engage in sexual acts, with the minors in various states of intoxication, suggesting that many of the sexual interactions were not consensual. She also allegedly distributed condoms.

Other allegations describe how she helped teens get out of their homes to drink at her house and how she was diligent in reminding the boys and girls who attended to keep it a secret. O’Connor is accused of intimidating at least one girl she suspected of breaking the secret. A parent of a girl who claims she was sexually assaulted at parties said she tried to alert Los Gatos high school – where O’Connor’s son played on the freshman soccer team – but no action has been taken.

In some cases, teens have been injured due to their drunkenness under O’Connor’s watch, investigators say, including a girl who nearly drowned in a hot tub and a boy who suffered a concussion after drunk from the back of an SUV that O’Connor was driving. This last injury was a touchstone to make what was happening more widely known.

Another parent said there is a consensus that O’Connor left Los Gatos at the end of the past school year “because of the firestorm that was about to strike”.

The Santa Clara County Grand Theft case against O’Connor alleges that between 2017 and 2019, she illegally used a corporate credit card to charge for a thousand dollars in limousine rides, approximately $ 10,000 worth of purchases of computers and electronics, and thousands more spent on clothes, shoes, groceries, alcohol and other personal purchases she had delivered to her home and workplace, according to a police investigation of Santa Clara. About $ 50,000 was billed for unspecified online purchases, and other charges suggest possible cash advances to his personal bank accounts.

O’Connor’s alleged purchases were made while she was an administrative assistant at Aruba Networks, a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard, which commissioned an audit and investigation after the accusations were reported internally. After determining that most of the charges were unrelated to the company and that her position did not require as many corporate expenses, the company fired her and alerted the Santa Clara police, where they are located. Aruba Networks, according to the survey.

His Santa Clara County attorney did not respond to requests for comment. She remains in an Ada County jail awaiting her extradition to the Bay Area, but it’s unclear when that will happen.



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