Dallas in pop culture: Sha’Carri Richardson reflects on her journey in Teen Vogue


THIS girl covers Teen vogue. Olympian Sha’Carri Richardson is the latest Gen Z darling to grace the cover of Condé Nast publication. High school alum David W. Carter reflects on her position as a young “outspoken black woman in America” and the pressures of being a high-profile athlete.

She also discusses her suspension from the 2020 Olympics after testing positive for marijuana, which she says she used to cope with the loss of her birth mother. She compares her situation to that of ice skater Kamila Valieva, who tested positive for trimetazidine, a drug banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, and was still cleared to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics. do we have a solid answer on the difference between his situation and mine? My mum died and I can’t race and I was also favored to finish in the top 3,” Sha’Carri tweeted after Kamila was cleared to skate. “The only difference I see is that I’m a young black woman.”

The cover story comes with stunning photos of Richardson in an icy platinum blonde blunt bob, Gucci top and bottom, Sacai clothes and Nike Dunk Lows. Each image displays his signature style, inspired by both athleisure and streetwear.

A die storyRichardson’s highlight is Richardson’s love of where she grew up, highlighting “her gratitude for being a black woman.”

“I would say that’s where I got my confidence,” she says. “Just being in a community, being from South Dallas, which is predominantly black.”

Timmy Turner has grown up well. Weekly entertainment shared the first look of Enough OddParents: Enough Odd, a live-action series based on the Nickelodeon cartoon. The new series centers on Timmy Turner (Caleb Pierce) passing on Cosmo and Wanda, his fairy godparents, to his little cousin Viv Turner (Audrey Grace Marshall). Pierce is the second Dallas-raised actor to star in a Nickelodeon reboot on the Paramount+ streaming service.

Last summer, Laci Mosley appeared as Harper on the iCarly the comeback. She described her character to Magazine D as a “radiant queer woman with her own stories and her own life”. Harper replaces Sam as Carly’s best friend on the show. iCarly is available to stream on Paramount+, FairlyOdd will be released on the platform on March 31.


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