Davenport woman feels called to launch new ‘Resurrection Cloth’ fashion label


A new Quad Cities fashion line is divinely inspired.

Shaquanta Buckley of Davenport is the owner / designer of Resurrection tissue, and she hosted a fashion show for her merchandise on Saturday, Dec. 18 at 4 p.m. at the Davenport Junior Theater, 2822 Eastern Ave. Admission is $ 20, with VIP front row seating for $ 30.

The fashion show will take place at 4 p.m. on Saturday, December 18 at the Davenport Junior Theater, 2822 Eastern Ave.

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion,” said Buckley – who works as a home aide for three different concierge services recently. “And one day I was in the shower and the Holy Spirit just started helping me make my own line of clothes.”

She works with a clothing factory in Nigeria to produce the clothes. “It’s been two years and it’s been great. I have the best tailors ever, ”Buckley said. “The factory makes sure that everything is fine and that everything comes out on time.

She will use a portion of the proceeds from the fashion show to make improvements to her church, Greater Praise Temple, at 700 E. 6e St., Davenport. “I actually want to help fix the basement and the church. The church needs a day care center, ”Buckley said.

Buckley is a 47-year-old mom, mother of four daughters and grandmother of six.

The 47-year-old Chicago native has four daughters (twins aged 27, 25 and 22) and six grandchildren.

“What I want to happen on this show is I want to show his stuff because he said no one’s life will ever be the same,” Buckley said of God. “I want deliverance, a breakthrough. You can’t have everyone in the church, but you can have a few people.

“You can get people to come and see it, it’s healing in the garment, and He’s not just using the garment this time. He used the whole atmosphere, the whole thing, ”she said. “I’m just excited to see what he’s gonna do. I have goose bumps and work three jobs for people to get their breakthroughs. I would do that. That’s what I want. It’s my heart. I want everyone to feel what I feel when I get them delivered. “

One of the models of Resurrection Cloth.

Buckley said her primary goal is to leave a legacy her family can be proud of, and “The resurrection fabric is a task that God has inspired me to use to achieve this goal,” she said.

The clothing line’s mission is to offer authentic African clothing, “to spread awareness of African culture and its rich history, and to be a role model in the international community through love and understanding,” according to his website.

Growing up in poverty in South Chicago was not easy, Buckley said. “But I always knew that I was called to touch people’s lives in a way that no one understood. It all started when I moved to Michigan in 1999 to settle down and raise my children. My grandmother introduced me to Christ. It was then that I began to realize that I was anointed with gifts.

“I struggled during this time of my life with many forms of abuse until God freed me from a toxic marriage in 2004,” she said, noting that her family moved to. the Quad Cities in 2014. In 2017, Buckley was invited to Greater Temple Church of Worship. She said Pastor Stephen Echols saved her life.

One of the models of Resurrection Cloth.

Buckley launched Resurrection Cloth in October 2020 with the fall collection titled “Process”. “God blessed me to have resources in Nigeria to advance the vision given by God,” she said.

For the December 18 fashion show, hosts are Young Gotti and Coach L. Live voices will be by Baruch Young and Sam Mack Jr. Red carpet hostess will be Lafayia Barnum; music for the parade will be by Pastor Stephen Echols and Nate Beechum; solo dance of Candace Strickland and others, with some members of Buckley’s family among the dancers and models.

“God wants to do a job for his people in the Quad Cities. And through this fashion show, he will deliver, ”she said. “God said after the fashion show on December 18th, no one’s life will ever be the same. All I can say is that I am so honored to be the vase used for his glory.

To view Resurrection Cloth products, visit theresurrectioncloth.com.


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