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Panaji: There is a new twist in the case of the 19-year-old woman whose body washed up on Calangute Beach on August 13. After initially ruling out a foul play in his death, Calangute Police have now registered a murder case against an unknown person.
Police said the investigation into the case was never closed, but with the recording of the murder case, “we will now investigate the reason for the death.”
TOI was the first to report the inconsistency between police and GMC statements following the case. In its August 21 edition, the newspaper reported that North Goa SP Shobhit Saxena said police were open to further forensic investigations based on the woman’s preserved viscera, if the family requested.
However, a forensic service official said there was not an iota of evidence that the teenager was murdered or sexually assaulted, due to which the viscera had not been preserved. “The police believed that there had been no foul play and that the manner in which she died was suicidal. So where was the question of preserving the viscera? he said.
The autopsy report had cited the cause of his death as asphyxiation from drowning.
The teenager’s family and neighbors have been calling for justice for some time. Her body was discovered on a busy stretch of Calangute Beach in a semi-nude condition, with her clothes nowhere in sight. To date, the police have not been able to locate his clothes.
Family members demanded that a murder case be registered and investigated accordingly. Political parties have also demanded that the case be registered as murder.
Following a public outcry, police launched an investigation from various angles, including murder, suicide and accidental death.
The deceased’s sister had submitted details of the call tapes and messages to the police for investigation. Based on this information, the police summoned several people to the Calangute police station for investigation.
Police said even after questioning those who contacted the girl before her death through calls or messages, they were unable to draw any conclusions.
Police had also examined CCTV footage from beach huts near the area where the teenager’s body was found, but found nothing useful.

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