Details emerge of ‘horrible’ 2001 murder of central Pennsylvania teenager


Editor’s note: Be aware that there are some graphic details in this story that were included in the arrest affidavit.

MILLVILLE — The man accused of killing a Williamsport teenager in 2001 has confessed to at least five people and it’s possible a second person was involved in the crime.

It was part of information released Thursday following the arraignment in Millville of Brian Gregory Quinn, 44, of Woodbury, New Jersey, for criminal homicide.

He is accused of killing 17-year-old Shamar William Washington, whose frozen body, partially covered in snow and without shoes, was discovered January 13, 2001 by hunters on an embankment off Orchard Drive in a rural part of Hemlock Twp. in Columbia County.

Although the murder appears to have taken place in a wooded area near Newberry Estates in the Williamsport area, the pursuit is in Columbia County where the body was found.

Quinn, who was arrested March 10 in Deptford, New Jersey, is being held without bond.

It appears he had been a suspect since 2001, but attempts to find out why it took 21 years to file the charges have failed.

Afterwards, Lycoming County District Attorney Thomas A. Marino and his first assistant, Kenneth Osokow, said they had no recollection of the case, although at least two interviews took place in their office.

Washington was shot in the back of the neck and his throat slit. He was also repeatedly stabbed and beaten, an autopsy determined.

His mother had reported him missing six days earlier, saying she had not been seen or heard from him since January 2.

The arrest affidavit provides this information about the unsolved homicide and admissions:

A friend in a March 16, 2001, statement said Quinn asked if he could borrow his van to move a body, claiming he and another man robbed a black Williamsport drug dealer.

Quinn claimed that during the robbery the man pulled out a gun, they pulled it out and used it to shoot him in the head.

He didn’t die so they stabbed him multiple times with an ice pick and dumped the body near Quiggleville.

They wanted the truck to move the body lest it be discovered. Quinn told the friend about three months later that the body had been moved.

During an April 5, 2001, interview at Lycoming County Jail, Quinn told investigators he knew Washington, bought crack cocaine from him, borrowed the friend’s truck, and said he heard someone else commit the crime.

A woman Quinn stayed with at Cogan Station in the spring of 2002 said in a March 19, 2003 interview that he admitted to killing a “black boy”, slitting his throat from ear to another and laughed at how his head nearly fell off. disabled.

He also said the victim pulled out a gun and it was used to shoot him, she said.

A friend and former cellmate of Quinn’s told investigators in a 2003 interview that he could be sentenced to life in prison for killing a man with whom he arranged a meeting to buy drugs in the city. Newberry section of Williamsport.

He provided the cellmate with an account of the murder similar to what he told the other two, but added that the body was dumped near Bloomsburg.

Quinn claimed that after he killed “Casper”, which was Washington’s nickname, he went to a friend’s house, changed his clothes, told him about the homicide, and said he was scared.

On February 2, investigators interviewed Quinn’s ex-girlfriend who visited him in prison in 2001.

Court records show Quinn was prosecuted in Lycoming County between 1996 and 2003 on a number of charges, including terrorism threats, arson, burglary and aggravated assault.

The former girlfriend claimed to avoid having their conversation recorded; instead, Quinn wrote on a piece of paper that he and another man had been with “Casper” and that the other man had become a psychopath.

She said she could not remember the details of the murder but it was “horrible” and the gun was dumped in the Rock Run area of ​​northern Lycoming County.

She said she ate the note and struggled with the information for years.

Also on Feb. 2, investigators said they learned additional details from another man who had been in the county jail with Quinn. Here is what he said he was told:

Quinn and another man were getting high at the man’s girlfriend’s apartment in Newberry Estates and called Washington for more drugs.

When Washington arrived they told him they had no money and he pulled out a gun. They grabbed him and shot and stabbed him but he didn’t want to die.

Quinn himself was stabbed three times while holding down the victim. They moved the body to Pine Creek or Jersey Shore and then used the van to transport it to the Bloomsburg area.

Attempts to find out the progress of the investigation into a possible second suspect were unsuccessful.


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