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The launch of the 2022 Army Emergency Relief Campaign began at Fort Jackson’s Century Lanes Bowling Center on March 4. Participants were treated to pizza, snacks, soft drinks and a chance to win the traveling bowling trophy.

The Annual Campaign is the Army’s only nonprofit organization designed to provide financial assistance and scholarships to active duty and retired members.

“Nothing is more important than taking care of soldiers and their families,” said Charles Durr, Chief of Assistance, Army Emergency Relief and guest speaker. “Your presence here this afternoon is a clear demonstration of your support for the United States military.”

Soldiers and civilians from across Fort Jackson filled the bowling alley not just to enjoy a game, but to learn the many ways the ARE can help soldiers and their families survive and recover from the crisis. financial.

“AER is dedicated to helping soldiers and their families avoid unnecessary high-interest financial inconvenience by providing interest-free loans, grants and scholarships,” Durr said. “Asking for help is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness.”

“Loans are one of the biggest challenges that soldiers have problems with,” the command post sergeant said. Major Philson Tavernier. “Sometimes soldiers are too embarrassed to talk to their chains of command and turn to predatory moneylenders outside the gate.”

Some off-setup lenders, such as short-term or payday loans, offer loans with interest rates as high as 700%. Loans like this can leave service members in a continuous cycle of debt that can cost thousands of dollars in interest alone.

“Ninety cents of every dollar goes directly to the soldiers,” Durr said. “This is the highest rate of any nonprofit in the United States.”

According to Durr, in 2021, Fort Jackson provided $684,000 in financial assistance to soldiers, their family members, and retired soldiers. Fort Jackson raised over $165,000 for the campaign alone. About $18,000 of that total was raised through one-time donations while checking out at Exchange facilities. Fort Jackson also won first place for overall AER donations in the large facility category.

He also said 104 members of the Fort Jackson family have received a total of $412,000 in scholarships through the AER Maj. Gen. James Ursano Scholarship Program for Military Children and of the Mrs. Patty Shinseki Spouse Scholarship Program to pursue and obtain undergraduate degrees.

“I’m asking you to talk to your soldiers and make sure they understand that the ARE is about soldiers taking care of soldiers,” Tavernier said. “Contact members of your formations and your community and talk about AER. Talk about what it does, the benefits and the importance of AER. »

EAR is available for interest-free loans, grants, and hybrid loans and grants called “graons” in addition to scholarships. These resources are available to active duty soldiers, their family members, retirees and surviving family members of deceased soldiers.

More information about the AER program is available from the Fort Jackson Army Community Services office located at 9810 Lee Road and can be contacted at 751-5256. Those wishing to donate can contact the AER office, contact their unit or AER representative at the office or through one-time donations at exchange facilities.

“I know I’m the last thing standing between you guys and this bowling tournament,” Tavanier said as he finished before throwing the first ball down the lane. “Get the information there, now let’s go.

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