Eric Underwood: Restaurant experiences, pandemic would guide his service in Lancaster County | Elections


As a result of this venture, he was hired as Managing Director of Rodizio Grill in 2014 and eventually became part owner of the franchise, he said.

Underwood and his wife Keri have five children between the ages of 3 and 13.

He had been considering possibly running for a local office, but earlier this year he was encouraged by Lincoln Independent Business Association officials to consider a candidacy for the Lancaster County Board seat.

With the blessing of his wife and Rodizio partners, Underwood launched a campaign focusing on providing property tax relief to county residents and improving county infrastructure and guarantee public safety and law enforcement support.

Although the district recently elected Democrat Jennifer Brinkman as commissioner, Underwood said Republican Larry Hudkins’ 30-year term gave his candidacy a chance.

Budgets have increased but have not necessarily prioritized the needs of the county, he said, and the county has not properly adjusted its budgets to fund needed improvements that would reopen the county’s roads and bridges. fallen into ruin.

Property taxes are also a key issue for him, he said.

If elected, he will take a close look at county spending to make sure budgets reflect the county’s revenue and service needs and not how much the commissioners want to spend, he said.


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