Fashion alert: we can’t forget these iconic Michael Jackson outfits

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American singer, songwriter and dancer Michael Jackson, full name Michael Joseph Jackson or Michael Joe Jackson, was the world’s best-known entertainer in the early and mid-1980s. He was born August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana, and died June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The youngest and most gifted of the five brothers, Michael Jackson, grew up in Gary, Indiana, among the illustrious musical families of the rock era. His father, Joseph, developed the Jackson 5 into a scintillating group of young stars. Jackie Jackson, real name Sigmund Jackson, was born in Gary, Indiana, on May 4, 1951. Tito Jackson, real name Toriano Jackson, was born there on October 15, 1953. Jermaine Jackson, real name Marlon Jackson, was born there on December 11, 1954. (born March 12, 1957, Gary).

Michael didn’t do what most celebrities do, which is to work with companies and hire stylists. Michael did not use a stylist or turn to catwalk fashion for most of his career; instead, the majority of the clothes he wore were custom-made for him by private designers, and the designs were heavily influenced by history and art. Michael first met former creative director and fine art scholar Rushka Bergman when she did his hair for L’Uomo Vogue in 2007. Until Michael’s last days, the pair continued to collaborate, Rushka being the only stylist to ever work. with pop icon. Rushka opened up about working with Michael in an interview with Vogue. She remembered him as an inventor constantly looking for new things.
Source: Rolling Stone

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