Fashion brand SVRN unveils its stylish Chicago store


Swedish luxury streetwear brand SVR expanded its retail portfolio with the launch of a store in Chicago. The brand’s sensibilities are reinterpreted through an oriental lens that defies convention by Seoul-based design studio WGNB. Stark interiors compose a narrative of fine materials that serve to promote the SVRN philosophy. “We tried to emphasize negative space rather than positive space, which is what we normally do,” WGNB explains. “By focusing on the negative space, we could ultimately focus on the clothes that are on display.”

The 4,200 square foot store is defined by an open layout that establishes tension through a variety of focal points. Animated by contemplative curved lines, the interior is divided into two sections comprising a main sales floor, where monolithic light fixtures support the unique choreography. Natural stone is also installed to enhance the design symbolizing durability over time, while wooden surfaces are blackened using steaming techniques to infuse heat. In the back room, brushed stainless steel and micro cement plaster paintings are used for contrast.

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