Fashion exhibits at the Memphis Museum explore fashions from 1800 to 1960


The Dixon will close in October with new exhibits, Sporting Fashion: Outdoor Girls 1800-1960 and Ramona Sonin Flowerful: Fashioning the Armored Feminine.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There are two new fashion exhibitions at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens.

Sports Fashion: Outdoor Girls 1800-1960 This article examines the sportswear worn by women in the 19th and 20th centuries.

This exhibit features 65 outfits and over 480 historical objects from North America and Western Europe, compiled from the collections of the FIDM Museum in Los Angeles.

You’ll find costumes for many sports, including basketball, motorcycling, fencing and roller derby. These costumes include outfits that can be used for cheerleading, cheerleading, and even ice skating.

“I think it’s pretty cool to see how the clothes have changed over the years. There’s a lot of clothes in this exhibit that you would never have thought of, that someone would wear to the beach or that someone would wear for walking or shopping or whatever that activity is, so it’s a bit of a step back in time to walk through the exhibit, and when you get closer to the 1960s, it starts to feel like a Little More Familiar,” Julie Pierotti, Curator Martha R. Robinson, Dixon Gallery and Gardens.

The Sporting Fashion: Outdoor Girls 1800-1960 exhibition ends October 16.

Ramona Sonin, Flowerful: Fashioning the Armored FeminineThis article explores Sonin’s commitment to couture design.

“Sonin’s works often have a kind of structure in certain areas, either at the neck or the bodice, but they also have a kind of free flow. So that kind of contrast between the hardness of the structure and the ethereal femininity of the skirt is what makes her work really really unique, and kind of dreamlike and fantastical.

“We are thrilled to show off this unique talent that we have here in Memphis,” Pierotti said.

Sonin works from her West Memphis studio to sketch and design dresses using fabrics and accessories from the Los Angeles fashion district. Sonin dresses feature a special nod to femininity in the collar.

This exhibition will feature the sketches next to the dress. There will also be charcoal drawings of women Sonin finds inspiring.

The exhibition Ramona Sonin, Flowerful – Fashioning the Armored Feminine ends on October 23.

Friendly reminder that entry is free to the Dixon Gallery and Gardens until 2024

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