Former Stew Josiah Carter Launches New Clothing Line


Former Under Deck Stew Josiah Carter launched a new clothing line with Billie Jacobina after fans commented on an outfit he wore on Galley Talk.

Old Under the bridge Stew Josiah Carter has just launched his clothing line, made in partnership with his good friend and designer Billie Jacobina. Josiah made history after becoming the first man to appear on the show at a position in the Ships Interior Department. It appeared in season 6 of the series with Kate Chastain as the chief stew and Caroline Bedol as the third stew. There was a lot of drama between the three of them, as it seemed like Caroline wasn’t working a lot and Kate and Josiah had to take a long time. Caroline left midseason and has since said she believed Kate and Josiah abused her on board and made inappropriate comments about herself and her family on her last day on board.


As a fan favorite, many were hoping Josiah would return for another season, but so far that hasn’t happened. After the end of her charter season, Josiah decided to explore the Mediterranean, traveling to Greece, Italy and Spain with her partner Michael. After traveling to this part of the world, Josiah returned home to be with his mother as she battled breast cancer. For two seasons, Josiah appeared on Bravo’s Galley talking, where he watches episodes from the current season of the series and comments on the antics of the actors. During the show, he revealed that he was supposed to be Elizabeth Frankini’s replacement in season 8, but production was halted due to COVID-19. He also said he wanted to appear with Captain Sandy on Under the Med Bridge.

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Josiah has now dipped her toe into a whole new realm, having ditched a clothing line with designer Billie called House of XOXO. As reported by Monsters and critics, the line was inspired by a sweater Josiah wore when appearing on Galley talking. During filming, Josiah wore a sweater with XOXO embroidered on it. According to Josiah, Billie gave her the sweater because that’s how the two say goodbye when they text each other, in tribute to the show. Gossip Girl. After wearing it on the show, hundreds of fans started asking where they could find one for themselves. Following the positive response from fans, the two decided to launch their own clothing line with the mission statement of making people feel better about themselves in order to match the XOXO brand name, which means hugs and kisses.

So far, the clothing line offers hoodies, sweaters, tote bags and t-shirts, but there are plans to expand the brand. The merchandise can be found on their website with a more detailed explanation of how they founded their brand. Other members of the Under Deck family took to social media to help Josiah and get her clothes out there. Current boss Eddie Lucas shared a screenshot of the clothing line’s website, along with a link to the website encouraging its followers to check it out.

Considering that Josiah only entered it because fans asked for it, it’s no wonder it’s a success or not. The only question is whether or not he will choose to quit yachting forever and pursue a career in design, developing his clothing line. Fans were hoping to see him in another season of Under the bridge, so maybe he will give them what they want and sign for someone else. Maybe this time around, Josiah can make history again and sign as a Male Chef’s First Stew.

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Source: Monsters and Critics

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