Friends: Joey’s 10 Best Outfits


Friends is often considered the pinnacle of 1990s fashion. While the title of “fashionista” often goes to Rachel, the other characters also have great outfits. This includes the male characters, especially Joey Tribbiani.

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Joey was generally considered the “hot” of the male leads, so naturally he needed a sense of style to go with this character. This results in a lot of cool looks, especially in earlier seasons. Some outfits in particular stand out and are definitely worth taking inspiration from.


White V-Neck T-Shirt

This outfit is from a flashback episode and features a moment when Monica and Joey meet and Monica has a crush. His attraction comes partly from the way he is dressed. It involves a white v-neck t-shirt, black jeans, and a small necklace.

Even if the outfit is simple, simplicity can often be great. The monochromatic colors are very New York Chic, and the clothes suit her very well. Her hair is also slicked back in a classic 90s fashion, which really adds to the vibe of the outfit.

All of Chandler’s clothes

Joey wears all Chandler's clothes in Friends

This crazy outfit appears during one of Friends‘ best episodes of all time, “The one where no one is ready”. After fighting with Chandler, Joey puts on his entire wardrobe and looks amazing.

The pile of clothes was actually a zipped room that Joey could easily fit into, but the way it’s layered together looks chaotically realistic. While this outfit might not be the most fashionable, it’s definitely the most iconic, because who can ever forget the classic line, “Can I wear more clothes?”

All black outfit

Joey has worn monochrome black a few times, and this outfit is a great example of that style. He wore a black (or at least a very dark gray) t-shirt with a logo on it, along with black jeans and a black belt. The fact that her hair is also black adds to the cohesive look of the whole thing.

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While Joey’s outfit is simply a t-shirt and jeans, the sleek color palette makes it look chic. Also, tucking her shirt into her jeans makes the outfit look a bit more streamlined and vintage, which enhances the overall outfit.

hockey jersey

Ross and Joey in the hospital room in Friends

While Joey usually wore more fitted clothes, he looked great in oversized clothes, and especially in oversized sportswear. This includes a hockey jersey that shows his love for the New York Rangers. He pairs it with a black long sleeve top underneath and black pants, which makes the jersey stand out.

The colors aren’t ones he wears very often, as he doesn’t usually wear white, but it contrasts well with his black hair. Since it’s also a comfortable outfit, it was probably the best thing to wear for spending the night in a hospital waiting room.

Unisex bag and military uniform

There are many life lessons that can be learned from Joey, one of which is how gender neutral fashion is. When Rachel does his hair for a movie, she gives him a sleek black leather shoulder bag that is considered unisex by the catalog. Although Joey has some reservations and people laugh at him, he really likes the bag. Which he should, because it suits him.

The rest of the outfit is also good, although it is a military costume. The tie and khaki shirt go well with the bag, and any combination creates a chic look in a neutral color.

Red shirt over white t-shirt

Friends Joey how you doin' hang

Red was a color that looked fantastic on Joey, and here he styles it to create a very cozy fall look. He wears a dark red button-up shirt that appears to be corduroy, which adds a nice texture to the outfit.

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Layering is always a trendy thing, and Joey pairs the shirt with a classic white t-shirt layered underneath, making the outfit a bit more laid-back overall. It pairs the top with simple jeans, once again making the button up something that could be considered a smarter, everyday piece.

Red sweatshirt and jeans

Having to keep Monica and Chandler’s new relationship a secret was definitely a tricky situation for Joey, but at least he still looked good. For some reason, red always seemed to appear on screen whenever a character wore the color, and Joey was no exception.

This comfy oversized red sweatshirt is incredibly eye-catching and contrasts nicely with her black hair and black shoes. Pairing the sweatshirt with denim jeans is a great way to make the look very classic, and it looks very casual-New York chic.

Pink t-shirt and jeans

Joey in Monica's apartment during the blackout in Friends

In the best Friends season 1 episode according to IMDb, “The One With The Blackout”, Joey makes sure to stand out, even when the power goes out. He wears a pink T-shirt and black jeans, and although the silhouette is simple, the outfit is still memorable.

One great thing about Joey was that he never shied away from using colors, even supposedly feminine colors. He often wore pink, and it always suited him very well. The contrast between hot pink and faded black denim creates a fabulous juxtaposition and helps the outfit stand out and blend in.

Blue Turtleneck Sweater

Friends Chandler ridicules Joey for wearing makeup

Joey wore a lot of turtlenecks throughout the show, and this is definitely one of his best. It’s a nice blue color, and he matches it with black pants. The sweater appears to be chenille, which was apparently a common texture given to Joey in the early seasons, as it made him incredibly tactile.

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Overall, the colors and fabric give the outfit a wonderfully cozy and autumnal vibe, which is great since this sweater was worn on the Thanksgiving episode.

Black turtleneck and leather jacket

Friends Joey identical twin

Joey has worn a lot of leather jackets and turtlenecks throughout the show, and in one episode he makes the jumpsuit incredibly chic by keeping the look all black in terms of color except for a white line. on the sweater. It pairs the best items with simple jeans, which are a nice wardrobe staple.

Black turtlenecks and leather jackets are incredibly trendy right now, making Joey a certified fashion icon for the current day. This outfit is a classic look, which is underscored by the way her supposedly identical body double is also dressed in the same elements.

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