FurZapper Review – How much fur can a FurZapper zap? It turns out that not many.

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EXAM – If you have a shedding animal – long or short haired – you know the aggravation of seeing those pesky hairs on every piece of clothing you own. A new product – the FurZapper – promises to remove this irritation from your life. Can it be done? Is this the answer to the age-old question, “I don’t care about dog hair”? Read on and find out!

What is that?

A FurZapper is a rubbery piece inserted into the wash cycle that promises to remove pet hair from clothes.

What’s in the box?

Two FurZapper discs.

I made peace with dog hair a long time ago. I’ve had dogs all my life, and if you guys have a problem with me having dog hair on my clothes, we won’t be friends anyway. But my ex-wife was not of that mindset. She hated dog hair (but loved dogs!) on her dark clothes with a passion, and we had lint removers and other methods to try to contain it, while having three Shelties (in series, not in parallel !) during our life together. Jack, the last one, is always around and provides me with daily hugs, face licks and of course loose fur. Can these FurZapper squishy rubber discs bring clothes without fur?

Design and features

The FurZapper discs themselves are made of the material that every child has grown accustomed to – that’s what they make fake bugs out of. It’s not plastic or rubber, but it’s got that slick-like grip that moms put off and tweens delight in. The idea is to throw one or two in your washer, run the load, then stick it to the dryer door and run it. The website has a video of a “mom-blogger” doing just that and suddenly being furless.


I started out with just one disc (the instructions say to use one per animal, and Jack is all I have at this point). The wash went off without a hitch and I stuck the FurZapper on the inside of the dryer door (although the wash – even though it was cold water – seems to have lessened the disc adhesion). When I opened the dryer, there was no disc on the door. I found it tangled in my clothes, but strangely devoid of fur. I mean – it’s as clean as it was at the start of the process, and I have fur to offer right in my hand! Well, there was a little fluff on it, but no fur.

So I decided to use two FurZapper discs for the next cycle. A week of clothes and life later… I threw in the laundry for the week with the two FurZapper discs. Transferred to dryer after cycle (I always use cold water and high efficiency plant-based detergent with no fabric softeners or additives). I tried to stick the disks inside the dryer, but they didn’t really want to stick. I just threw them away like I did with the wash.

When the dryer finished I started to take the clothes out and didn’t notice any lack of fur. (Of course, after 30 years of having Shelties, it’s become a blind spot.) When I came across the first FurZapper disc, I noticed that there was no fur on it at all. At the bottom of the load I found the other, with the same result – no fur removed.

I am going to have my eldest daughter try them as she has a short haired dog. Maybe she’ll have better luck, but for me, I’ll just write it off as a failure.

What I like

  • concept
  • delivery method (it is very easy to open and store the discs in the package)

What I would change

  • Doesn’t work as described – may need to fix this.

Final Thoughts

I want to believe. The truth is out there. I am the owner of a very hairy (some would say owned) dog. Jack, my Sheltie, has appeared in many photos and videos here over the years. He’s the third Sheltie I’ve had, since 1984. They’re a great breed and my kids loved having them around, despite their fur. I wanted the FurZapper to end, if not minimize, the constant presence of long dog hair in my life. Alas, that was not to be the case.

Price: $10.99 for one, $14.99 for a two-pack
Or buy: Company Online shop and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by FurZapper.


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