Gay teen asks if he can go to his friend’s sleepover


This article was originally published on 11/26/18

Meet Mason Brian Barclay, a teenager who describes himself as “a very gay man”. He recently wanted to attend a slumber party at his “new best friend” Houston’s house, because teenagers are going to be teenagers. But he’s a boy, and everyone knows that boys are not allowed to attend girls’ sleepovers, because of patriarchal cooties / norms.

So he behaved more mature than most adults, and wrote a lengthy text message to Houston’s mother, Ms Shelton, in which he politely asked permission to attend the Houston sleepover.

“I think the common sense behind only allowing the same sex to share sleepovers is due to the typical interest in the opposite sex, whereas in this case I don’t like the opposite sex. “, he explained in the text.

Ms. Shelton’s response was so good that Mason tweeted it and it went viral:

“Hmm. Well my husband is hot. Should i be worried? ” she answered.

Obviously, Mason found Ms. Shelton’s text hilarious. Twitter too.

And others are just wondering if the slumber party is on or not ??

Others need to know if Houston’s dad lives up to the hype:

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