“Get naked or we’ll shoot you”


Dasha, 16, said the drunken Russian soldiers in her village “started looking for young women. Some also grandmothers.”

A 16-year-old pregnant girl has shared her experience of being raped at gunpoint by a Russian soldier after Putin’s forces occupied the village of Krasniva in Kherson Oblast.

Dasha recounted the events of the evening she was assaulted by a drunken Russian soldier on March 13, after leaving the basement where she was sheltered with her family to fetch food.

She explained that she was hiding with her mother, her three brothers and a sister to escape the Russian threat but two soldiers saw her and questioned the family.

Dasha said one of the Russian soldiers, who was drunk, “talked to me and then told me to undress. I told him I wasn’t going to undress. Then he threatened to shoot me. I undressed.”

Dasha told Bild of the horrific incident: “I told him I was 16 and pregnant. I told him I was in my sixth month. But he said that at this point , nothing happens to the child, that many do.”

She told the newspaper that the rape had lasted half an hour and the soldier then told her to go to a house he had occupied in the village and tried to rape her again but stopped when his comrades have arrived.

Bodies of civilians collected from the streets of Bucha and taken to the local cemetery.

Two of the soldiers then promised to shoot the rapist and took the girl home, but when the attacker was brought to Dasha three days later, he denied everything.

Dasha’s family was eventually able to escape once Krasniva was recaptured and liberated by Ukrainian forces.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has condemned what he calls war crimes committed by Russian troops in settlements around the Ukrainian capital.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has condemned what he calls war crimes committed by Russian troops in settlements around the Ukrainian capital.

She said: “At first they were quite normal. Then they started drinking. They found vodka among the village people and drank. Then they started looking for young women. Some also grandmothers.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has accused Russia of committing war crimes in Bucha, where 25 girls and women aged between 14 and 25 were “systematically” raped. Nine of the women are now pregnant.

UN tells UK not to pair Ukrainian women and children with single men for fear of exploitation

French forensic experts have arrived in the town near kyiv to help Ukrainian authorities establish what happened in the town where hundreds of bodies have been discovered since the withdrawal of Russian forces.

Attorney General Iryna Venediktova said: “We now have a lot of jobs unfortunately with war crimes. They can see everything, they can see the situation here: real graves, real corpses, real bombings. That’s why for us this moment is very important.”

The mayor of Bucha said on Tuesday authorities had so far found 403 bodies of people they said were killed by Russian forces during their occupation of the area, but the number was growing.

Anatoliy Fedoruk added at a briefing that it was too early for residents to return to the city, after Russian troops withdrew late last month.

Reuters was unable to verify the number of people found dead in Bucha or the circumstances of their deaths.


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