Global convenience and fuel giant Circle K gears up for big push in New Zealand



Circle K hopes to transform the local retail fuel market. Photo / 123RF

Global convenience and fuel giant Circle K plans to launch a multi-million dollar franchise campaign in New Zealand.

The US retailer is one of the world’s largest convenience store brands with more than 14,000 locations.

Circle K, under its local license Pamma Retail Group (PRG), plans to open more than 100 outlets in New Zealand and hopes to see 2% of the country’s 5,000 convenience stores converted to the Circle K brand and to the fitting out of stores.

Circle K also plans to open some of the first electric vehicle (EV) refueling and gas stations at sites across the country with the goal of transforming the local fuel market.

Iqubal Basra, Director of Site Development for Circle K NZ, said achieving their goal of rapid outlet growth means the brand will become one of the largest grocery and restaurant retail chains. from New Zealand.

“What New Zealanders can expect to find in one of our stores is a very different retail experience than the traditional dairy and gas station around the corner. stores are a hybrid of a convenience store and a prepared food store. “

Basra said they were looking for 200m2 sites that can open 24 hours a day, but can also work with sites with a smaller footprint or operate at reduced hours in rural or low traffic areas.

“They [the stores] will feature over 2,000 different SKUs – a mix of our own Circle K private label, self-serve frozen and chilled drinks, world-famous hot dogs and take-out, with menu items such as fish and French fries as well as a wide range of well-known international foods, ”said Basra.

“Additionally, customers will also be able to purchase self-serve coffee for $ 1 – a move that is expected to impact this part of the industry as well.”

Basra said Circle K NZ is now actively researching gas station locations and operators across New Zealand.

“The growth of electric vehicles is expected to impact the way fuel outlets are designed, and to address this change, Circle K NZ plans to transform the retail fuel market in New Zealand – by opening some of the first specially designed electric vehicle charging and gas stations at sites across the country as the industry closely monitors how the electric vehicle trend will reinvent the traditional gas station, ”he said .

“… [the sites] will be designed specifically to adapt to the local growth of the country’s electric vehicle fleet. “

Circle K entered the New Zealand market in 2018 and currently has four convenience stores, all located in Auckland.


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