Goodwill will no longer accept Kanye West’s clothes and will throw away the clothes he has


Kanye West face the consequences of their actions. The controversial musician was dropped by just about every brand he had been associated with following his anti-Semitic rant.

Adidas and countless other companies subsequently severed all ties with West in response, leaving him to lose a lot of money and no longer be a billionaire.

It has now been revealed that Goodwill has apparently sent a memo to its stores asking staff to remove all Yeezy items and no longer accept products made by the music producer and fashion designer.

“As we strive to maintain the most up-to-date information on Elevated Brands products available for sale,” reads the apparent memo, which has been circulating on social media.

“We are sensitive to current events and act when designers and brands do not align with our Mission and RISE values.

“We are currently removing the sale of Adidas Yeezy-branded products from all channels, retail stores, boutiques, e-commerce and point-of-sale, as well as from our Elevated Brands tool.”

Marks leaving the West

West has been dropped by so many of its brands since its explosion. Adidas cutting ties with him saw WestNet worth plummeted from $1.9 billion to “just” $400 million. ??Sports stars have also withdrawn from his agency Donda Sports, such as Aaron Donald and Jaylen Brown.

West also made unpleasant and inaccurate comments about George Floydthen being hit with a $250 million lawsuit from his family.

West later apologized for his comments on Floydalthough he compared his current treatment by the media and Adidas to Floyd‘s murder at the hands of a policeman.

“So when I questioned the death of George Floydit hurt my people,” West said.

“I want to apologise. Because God has shown me by what Adidas is doing, by what the media is doing, I know what it’s like to have a knee on your neck right now.”


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