Gossip Girl style obsessives are always shopping in Blair’s closet


When I log into Zoom with Jennifer Arlt, a fashion collector based in Germany, she apologizes and explains that she just needs to make a purchase before starting the interview. “While I was waiting for you I was checking my reseller app and saw a very, very special item that I really needed to buy fast. Give me a second, ”she said, tapping on her phone. “That’s the big problem when you’re a collector. You never know when these items appear and you don’t want to risk losing them. The must-have in question? A blue pleated houndstooth skirt by Marc by Marc Jacobs that Blair Waldorf wears in season 2, episode 8 of Gossip Girl, released October 27, 2008.

In terms of vintage collection, the number of people who want a skirt from the 2008 Marc Jacobs broadcast line is probably less than the number of people who, say, want a John Galliano-era Dior (RealReal says that searches for the latter have increased 263% year after year). But after speaking with several Gossip Girl dealers and buyers before meeting Arlt, I was hardly surprised by the urgency. Instead, I focus more on Arlt’s beige lace dress with a distinct white ruffle collar. This is one of the holy grail dresses for a Gossip Girl collector: the Marc by Marc Jacobs “Dita” dress that Blair wears in the first episode of Thanksgiving.

“I haven’t sold any for less than $ 650 in a few years, but I was able to find a few. So it’s not even the rarest, ”says Kimberly Anne, a Gossip Girl dealer who goes by the handle @WhatWaldorfWore on Instagram. “The dress of my dreams that I always care about is, of course, that everyone wants the Dita dress,” says Ali Rice, a civil engineer who collects Gossip Girl clothes. “I have mine. I found it very early, thank goodness,” says Nina Kulikovska, another dealer by the handle @Waldorf_In_Midtown. “I wore it until Thanksgiving and am currently selling two of the Dita dresses . ”If you do a size 2, you can also get it for $ 840 (plus shipping) from Vestiaire Collective.

Originally sold for $ 428, the dress would cost around $ 563 with inflation today. Although in general you would expect second-hand clothing to sell for a bit cheaper, the Dita has achieved cult status among a growing and dedicated clientele of Gossip Girl collectors and dealers. It doesn’t matter that the 2010s weren’t back in fashion, it doesn’t matter that Blair last appeared in a new outfit in 2012 – for those die-hards, costume designer Eric Daman’s style never gave up. It probably helps that Blair’s outfits were quite conservative, and now that many first-time fans of the show are in their late 20s to mid-30s, they’re looking for dresses, blouses, and pencil skirts. elegant and feminine to wear to the office or to a cocktail party rather than a Hervé Léger bandage dress. The combination of this, Gossip Girl being available on Netflix at the start of the pandemic, and the buzz surrounding the reboot has led to an increase in the number of buyers and sellers. And, while 2007 fashion has not come back as strong as it did at the start of the 2000 era, there are signs that it is fast approaching.


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