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Georges St Pierre recently took time out of his busy schedule to chat with MMA Underground’s John Morgan. During the interview, ‘Rush’ revealed that he launched a clothing line with the BlueChip team. When asked why he wanted to get into a line of clothing products, GSP replied, “I don’t compete anymore, so you want to leave something for the fans. It’s part of your legacy, you want to leave something that fans will remember you by, and it’s a beautiful work of art.

The UFC Hall of Famer also spoke about the artwork used, saying, “It showcases different emotions and values ​​that I carry with me strongly throughout my career, and it’s a collection that is truly made for the fans, one hundred percent.”

As to why it made sense to join the BlueChip team, St. Pierre adds, “It makes sense because they are very good at it, you know what I mean? They are very famous, many other great athletes have joined them. The French Canadian also revealed he was working with Eric Williams on the collection saying “Because he’s a friend of mine, he makes me feel very comfortable when he takes pictures, so it makes things more authentic. .”

A possible return to competition?

Although a return to the UFC is highly unlikely at this point, Georges isn’t ruling out the possibility of a grappling match. “I’m not saying no,” he replied when asked. “My days of serious competition are over now, but I’m not saying I’ll never compete for fun again. Maybe I will for fun.

The last time we saw GSP in any kind of action was at UFC 217 when he choked out Michael Bisping to win the middleweight title. Victory over Bisping in 2017 took St. Pierre’s record to 26-2 and his winning streak to 13. Unfortunately for fans, he once again walked away from the sport, leaving us all looking for more. of legend, but appreciating his accomplishments. . Although it’s been almost five years, “Rush” is still actively training with some of the best practitioners in the world. At 41, GSP thinks he’s better than he was before and is adamant he continues to improve.

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