How Centuary Mattress uses augmented reality to deliver a seamless customer experience


Rising income levels, health consciousness, and growth in the real estate and hospitality sectors have resulted in accelerated growth of the Indian mattress market. The demand for personalized and luxury mattresses is expected to increase, while companies may come up with new techniques to make better use of their resources and technologies.

The global mattress market size is expected to reach USD 42.84 billion in 2028, growing at a CAGR of 4.8% during the forecast period. The market size was $30.36 billion in 2020,” According to research.

There have been many innovations in the mattress industry such as latex, cold foam and memory foam mattresses. New-age mattress brands are able to offer products at lower prices by taking control of the whole consumer journey – from product discovery to after-sales support.

One such brand is Centuary Mattress which started operations in 1988 and launched the Centuary mattress brand in 1992; and has consistently grown on its strength of quality and innovation, with a vertically integrated manufacturing setup. The Centuary brand offers a wide range of sleep products and is known as India’s sleep specialist due to its leading product position.

Uttam Malani, Executive Director of Centuary Mattresses, said: “Today, there are many innovations around the product such as copper gel infusion, antimicrobial treatment, CNC shaped breathable foams, etc. that add to the value proposition of the product. Centuary has always represented product leadership, thanks to a fully integrated manufacturing setup with high-end European machinery. The adoption of the latest technologies and materials such as gel foams, antimicrobial treatment, etc. has put Centuary at the forefront of post-COVID product differentiation.

Omnichannel strategy
Going forward, Centuary plans to improve the retail purchase live by adding 170 additional branded stores to the existing network of over 450 stores. Additionally, it will launch exclusive experience stores in major metropolitan cities.

Centuary has strengthened its digital footprint over the past 2 years and is actively working to omnichannel integration to take advantage of the best of both worlds. The idea is to make the brand easily discoverable and accessible to all types of consumers,Malani explained.

Bet big on technology
Today, every brand depends on its technology to maintain and increase the efficiency of systems, products and services. It tracks and streamlines processes, maintains data flow, and manages employee contacts and records.

The rapid digitization of content and campaigns has happened over the past two years. Currently, the brand is also working on UI/UX with technologies such as AR, 3D renderings, etc. to present a more intuitive rendering. digital catalog and a seamless experience for its consumersMalani said.

Marketing Push: the Cranky Mom campaign with Momspresso
Parenthood is a difficult task, especially during the first 3 years, because during this period, new moms experience a lot of stress and sleep deprivation.

Lack of sleep leads to low energy for most of the day and they are unable to cope with their daily tasks, leading to mood swings and grumpy behavior. As sleep specialists in India, we are trying to find out whether a separate mattress for children could cater to babies’ sleep patterns, which in turn will help new mums sleep better.,Malani said.

Future goals
The brand has seen consistent growth of 35-40% year over year over the past 3 years and their goal is to continue to grow by adding more products to the portfolio.

We are soon entering the crowded category of the online foam mattress segment, consolidating our distribution in West, North East and Central India. This would all be part of our growth and expansion strategy for FY22-23 and FY23-24,Malani said.

The brand intends to expand its retail footprint in South, West and East India, in addition to launching its experience store format. Apart from that, exports and e-commerce will continue to be engines of growth. On the manufacturing side, the brand is expanding its capacities and modernizing the equipment of its 4 manufacturing sites in Hyderabad and Bhubaneswar,Malani concluded.


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