How model Lauren Chan spends her Sundays


It’s a busy time of year for model Lauren Chan, with the flurry of activity surrounding New York Fashion Week from Friday to Wednesday. Her shows will include 11 Honoré, Christian Siriano and Peter Do, whom she will bring into the management of her business, Henning, a line of size-inclusive women’s clothing, for which she also designs.

“The reason I started Henning was to improve the lives of women 12 and older who feel left out of this industry,” said Ms Chan, 31. “I want them to feel better.”

She lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, with her husband, Alan Paron, 37, national sales manager at Kohler, and their shepherd mix, Pepper.

ACORNS AND ALMOND MILK Every day, not just Sundays, I get up and go to Herbert Von King Park with my husband and my dog. We go through all the open spaces. My husband likes to joke that Pepper counts acorns. She takes inventory. On the way back we will stop at Little Roy for a coffee. I always get an almond milk latte with an extra kick. We are not big breakfasts.

CUSTOMER SERVICE I would like to say that I don’t check my inbox afterwards. The weekend should bring calm. But it’s a good time to get things done for Henning. There are tons of operational stuff. And I like to peek into the customer inbox and respond to any questions or reviews. I’m also trying to connect with one of my agents to get an idea of ​​what the week ahead looks like for my modeling job. I could film locally or fly somewhere or film content on my own. It’s been a huge part of the job since Covid.

LIKE PARADISE If I have a big job coming up, I’ll go to my friend Joseph Carrillo’s studio on the Upper East Side. He does face sculpting. It’s a kind of facial massage to deflate. I ride the FDR, and if the weather is nice, it’s a nice ride. I will put my favorite playlist. There’s 80s rock, like Talking Heads and The Cure. It’s to boost morale. If this sounds like the third act montage of an ’80s rom-com, then I’m into it.

SAMPLES, SALADS I don’t always go straight home. Sometimes I have coffee with a friend. Sometimes I go shopping. I might stop in the Tailoring District or one of Henning’s factories, like Tailored Industry in Industry City, to pick up samples for Henning, or the offices of JAG Models to pick up press cards or clothes I need for a shoot. My stomach starts growling probably around 1am. If I’m back home, Alan and I like Eugene & Co., which is in our neighborhood, for maybe a Cobb salad. Afterwards, we accompany Pepper.

FAMILY DINNER Most Sundays we go to dinner at my dear friend Jaclyn Sarka’s. He’s also my agent at JAG. His house is half a block from our house. Her husband, Matt Gelsomino, cooks for us every weekend. He is not a professional, but he is a wonderful and enthusiastic cook. Usually he smokes brisket or works on a seafood boil. Guess you could call it a family dinner. When we get there, Alan and Matt usually run to the smoker and Jaclyn and I are going to catch up on my modeling work.

RESET We’re usually home by 7 a.m. because I like to have about three hours to reset for the week so there’s no anxiety the next day, no fear of Monday. I’ll talk to my family — my mom, dad, and brother — on FaceTime. They are near Toronto. Then I’m going to plant myself in front of the TV. I’ll be watching last night’s “Saturday Night Live” on Hulu. I love Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon. And I definitely have Sunday night beauty rituals, like putting on an LED facial or sheet mask, or gua sha, a kind of facial massage with a light scraping. I go to bed at 10 p.m. If I’m lucky, I’ll hang up my phone at 10:30 p.m.

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