Hudson Airport Giant Introduces Expanded Retail Concept


There’s nothing quite like aimless airport shopping – for airplane snacks and beach readings, you’ll probably just have to browse. Hudson, one of America’s largest travel retailers, with over 1,000 stores, knows this, and now the company is expanding the experience.

Beyond the basics: Evolve by Hudson, a new store concept, aims to expand brand and product selections. Think: sunglasses, electronics, skincare, and luggage – and those snacks and books of course.

  • So far, participating brands include Sunglass Hut, Apple, Burt’s Bees, and Tumi.

“The challenge in specialty retailing in North America has always been to get people through the threshold – with lower penetration the further down the hall you go,” the deputy CEO and executive vice president of Forbes told Forbes. Hudson, Brian Quinn. “Evolve uses the power of attraction of convenience stores to attract passengers. We then have the possibility of going upmarket with the other brands present.

Quinn added that no airport has said no to the concept so far.

  • The first store will open at Nashville International Airport this summer.
  • Seven locations will follow, including at the international airports of Dallas Love Field and Las Vegas McCarran.

Zoom out: According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the travel industry lost $ 4.7 trillion in 2020, while its contribution to GDP fell 49.1% from 2019. Domestic travel spending fell 45% and internationally, they fell by 69.4%.

Before the pandemic, however, business was booming and airports were among the fastest growing luxury retail channels. This overhaul of the store concept could help put it back on track.—JG


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