Hugo Boss the latest luxury brand to launch a resale offer


Luxury fashion brand Hugo Boss has embarked on a premium resale platform, set to launch in the third quarter of this year, encouraging customers to buy second-hand items.

According to the company, resale is a growing market that helps reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Hugo Boss hopes that this initiative will extend the life cycle of its products and help limit its consumption of resources.

The online platform allows customers to return their used items to Hugo Boss in exchange for a credit that can be spent online on new or used items, or in-store. After quality control, second-hand products will be sold on Hugo Boss Pre-Loved and ready for their second life in a new wardrobe.

In addition, Hugo Boss will also launch a maintenance and repair service to help customers cover the repair of their clothes and ensure that the items can last longer.

These are part of Hugo Boss’ broader strategy unveiled on Earth Day to improve its circular business model. The German fashion house also says its circular products must meet three requirements: be made from renewable or recycled materials, be fully recyclable and designed to last.

“The high quality of our products allows them to have multiple lives, and our entry into the growing resale market is a natural step for us as a company,” said Heiko Schafer, COO of Hugo Boss. .


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