I was a shopaholic and was £ 18,000 in debt after buying clothes EVERY DAY


A mother of two shared how she went from almost £ 18,000 in debt over two years to a full-time personal finance blogger, saving thousands of dollars a year through a cashback app.

Victoria Sully, 36, from Newquay, had a shopping addiction in her late teens that left her riddled with unpaid credit card bills and nearly declared bankruptcy at age 19.


Victoria almost declared bankruptcy at 19Credit: shopimum
Victoria and her two children


Victoria and her two childrenCredit: Shopmium

It wasn’t until she sat down with Citizens Advice that she realized the damage she usually did. The former saleswoman then spent five years paying off her debt.

This overhaul of her lifestyle completely changed her attitude, and she has now discovered cashback apps, like Shopmium, which alone has saved her and her husband over £ 4,000 in five years.

The spender turned saver is now a full time blogger and shares all kinds of tips and tricks with his followers to help them earn money.

Victoria said: “When I was 18, I finally led a lifestyle that my salary as a saleswoman at the time couldn’t afford. I went out to party several times a week, drove a car I didn’t really need, had high cell phone bills, and bought new clothes every day.


“Although I never calculated all of my income and expenses, I stupidly assumed that I would always be able to pay the minimum payments. I never calculated what the total of these would be if I maximized everything.

“In less than two years, before I even turned 20, I owed £ 17,500. I had an overdraft, three credit cards, two loans and seven bank cards. Suddenly I realized I was in trouble. I couldn’t afford all the payments. The red letters started to arrive and I had no more credit available anywhere.

“Creditors might understand debt better now, but it was the early 2000s and I was getting some really horrible phone calls from my creditors constantly harassing me and asking for money that I didn’t have.

“Being in so much debt and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel was a horrible and very low place. It’s a place I never want to be again.

It took Victoria five years to settle her debts through a debt management plan and she was cold about her shopping addiction.

She explained: “I paid off all my debts, while still having to learn how to really budget, as PayPlan would only allow me the bare minimum to have food each month. The rest, after my rent and my bills and a nominal sum for food, was shared between my creditors.

Freed from the threatening appeals of creditors suing, Victoria then settled down to start a family with her husband. It was then that she started to take more interest in super savings.

She reflected: “I started looking for apps to save money when I quit my job to devote myself full time to my self-employment in 2017.

“I was self-employed for a few years, but I always had a part-time job job to provide a stable income, just in case.

“When I left my last part-time job, I wanted to make sure that I not only had several possible sources of income. but that I was also proactive in finding ways to save money on the things we buy regularly.

“With most of the apps I use, like Shopmium, the money is returned as a lump sum, rather than saving at the time of purchase.

So that feels like extra income once it hits our bank and is treated as such – which means it goes to bills, other grocery stores, regular savings, and whatever else we might have. need money in our busy family life.

All the money we have left is a “fun fund” that we spend on outings with our two children or on vacations.

I paid off all my debts, while still having to learn how to really budget, as PayPlan would only allow me the bare minimum to have food each month. The rest, after my rent and my bills and a nominal sum for food, was shared between my creditors.

Victoria sully

“I always try to improve our overall family finances by using savings apps, increasing income, budgeting and having emergency savings for various things like our car or home appliances. that could break down. ”

Victoria is a big believer in cashback apps and advocates that people use them for every purchase they can.

She continued: “It’s not just about shopping for groceries and shopping for clothes, you can get a refund on even the most mundane things like booking your MOT!

“If I don’t use a cashback app when making a purchase, I feel like I’m wasting money. After what I went through with my debt crisis, I never want to take money for granted again and always make sure not only to budget our expenses but also to see how much more we can get out of it.

Victoria’s husband is also using his money-saving tips, and by pooling resources they’ve calculated that they’ve saved £ 4,128.57 in five years using cash back apps, coupons, loyalty cards and other hacks.

Victoria said: “Becoming a Super Saver has definitely changed my life for the better. Now, instead of obsessing and scared of money like I was after my debt crisis, I now see it as a challenge with rewards if I can find the best deal or offer to pay back. Our lives are all the more enriched as we can spend beautiful days with the family essentially for free by using the money returned by cashback applications!

Margarida Do Vale, UK Marketing Director for Shopmium, said: “It’s amazing how much Shopmium has helped Victoria change her life and get out of debt. Our mission is to transform shopping to make life better and her story proves it.”

You can read more about Victoria’s journey through her Blog and find out more about Shopmium by downloading it from the App Store.

Victoria is much happier now


Victoria is much happier nowCredit: shopimum

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