I’m a Fashion Expert and These 7 Mistakes Make You Age


LOOK young no matter how old you are by avoiding these seven mistakes that can age your appearance.

Fashion expert Heather, from Awesome over 50, revealed the fashion faux pas that’s instantly aging you.


Heather shows how a modern take on an old look can make you look so much youngerCredit: YouTube/@Awesome Over 50
Fashion expert Heather shows how fabulous you can be at any age


Fashion expert Heather shows how fabulous you can be at any ageCredit: YouTube/@Awesome Over 50

Update a vintage wardrobe

Heather’s first piece of advice is that when older retro styles, such as 80s clothes, are trending, rather than finding your old looks from the era, you should instead buy newer, updated options. day.

Showing an example of this, Heather shows two motorcycle jackets – one from a few decades ago and another that she bought recently.

The new jacket looks quite different, but it is still in a similar style and makes it look much younger than the vintage jacket.

Don’t hide behind your outfits

The next habit that can make you look older is hiding behind your clothes.

As you age, you may gain a little more weight and develop spider veins or stretch marks and feel like you need to cover up a little more than you might have in the past.

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However, Heather argues that you may not need to do this as much as you think. Instead of wearing long, high-necked dresses that completely cover your body, consider wearing a long dress with a lower neckline and/or a side slit – if you’re not sure about this, you can always buy a dress with a small slit rather than one that goes all the way down your leg.

Opt for style and comfort

When shopping for shoes, Heather points out that many stores now sell options that offer both support and a stylish look. The days of plain, boring shoes or blisters on your feet are over.

Heather shows off leopard print Croc flip flops that provide arch support and kitten heels that also provide plush support for your feet. She also says you’ll be able to buy flats in a wide variety of colors, and if they don’t have a backing, you might still be able to put your inserts in for that.

Small bags will save your shoulders

Another fashionista tip is to do away with bulky bags. Your neck and shoulders will thank you for it in the long run. Heather adds that it’s important to declutter your bag and make sure you don’t strain your body by carrying unnecessary items.

Replace your large purse with a belt bag or a smaller shoulder bag, you’ll feel more comfortable and look younger, according to Heather.

Refresh your bra collection

It’s also important not to rely on old bras and be sure to buy new ones from time to time. While older bras may feel more comfortable and worn, Heather says “maybe they don’t fit these girls like they should.”

Don’t be afraid of shapewear

Another habit you could develop is to avoid being afraid to wear shapewear. While there are many uncomfortable shapewear you might want to avoid, if you find the right one it can be life changing, especially for formal events where you might want to look slimmer.

Change your style from season to season

Heather also suggests that instead of always buying the same kind of outfits every fashion season, you should also branch out a bit and opt for trendy styles and bright colors.

Change up your makeup routine as you age

Women can find makeup that works for them and stick with it for years, but according to Heather, as you get older you should consider changing that, adding that things like dark eyes and dark lips can look fine when you are younger but you should opt for lighter shades as you get older.

Summer is the perfect time of year to follow these tips and try something new, or as Heather puts it: “There’s no better time than this season to step out of the drabness and into the ‘factory.”

Be sure to buy new bras that can actually support you


Be sure to buy new bras that can actually support youCredit: YouTube/@Awesome Over 50
Don't be afraid of shapewear


Don’t be afraid of shapewearCredit: YouTube/@Awesome Over 50
Heather says you shouldn't be afraid to update your style once in a while


Heather says you shouldn’t be afraid to update your style once in a whileCredit: YouTube/@Awesome Over 50

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