I’m a fashion expert – how to look classier and like you have a new wardrobe using clothes you already own


NO need to refresh your wardrobe every season when you can create completely new looks with items you already own.

Fashion expert Marie Eriksson has shared her top style tips that will make you feel like you have a new wardrobe and look chicer and higher.


A fashion expert shared how to create new outfits with clothes you already ownCredit: TikTok / loveyoumariemuch
Layering clothes is a great way to achieve this


Layering clothes is a great way to achieve thisCredit: Getty

“Stop scrolling because here are some tips and inspiration on how you could dress better with clothes you already own,” Eriksson said in a video uploaded to his 212,000 TikTok followers.

“I’m going to show you lots of examples with simple, basic pieces that you hopefully already have in your closet to help you visualize how you could apply this to your own outfits.”


The fashion enthusiast started with the concept of layering.

“So it’s a tip you’re probably tired of hearing because everyone’s talking about it, but it really is the best way to spice up any outfit, and I’m going to show you why.”

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Eriksson explained his first layering tip using the example of a woman wearing a pair of blue denim jeans.

She wore a black crop top with a long white button on it, with a dark gray jacket thrown over it.

Eriksson brought up another example of layering that she says might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but felt it was “very elegant.”

To replicate the look, get a long-sleeved button-up top and layer a black cropped cami over it.

Pair it with jeans and high heel ankle boots and you’re set.

The stylist also highlighted more subtle ways of layering where you let something pop at the top or bottom of your outfit.

For example, wear a button down shirt with one of the sleeves hanging off the shoulder to reveal a hint of lace bralette.

Or, wear a lace dress under an oversized crewneck sweater so the lace can show through.

“And here’s another example of how to layer a basic outfit. Basically, you just tie a knitted sweater or cardigan over it,” Eriksson said.

She also cited her favorite way to layer like a pro. She said: “These are three really basic pieces, but when put together they look super stylish.”

To create the look, put a button-down shirt over a dress and throw a knitted cardigan over the buttonhole.


With a simple hat or bag, Eriksson feels you can elevate any look and breathe new life into your clothes.

She used the example of a woman wearing an oversized plain white button-up shirt.

The woman added pops of color to complete the look by accessorizing with a hot pink shoulder bag and top hat.

“Think how simple and boring it would look if we took off the hat and the bag,” Eriksson said.

With a simple hat or bag, Eriksson feels you can elevate any look and breathe new life into your clothes.


With a simple hat or bag, Eriksson feels you can elevate any look and breathe new life into your clothes.Credit: Getty

Showing another great example of how accessorizing could change your look, she said, “Here’s also a really great example of how you could spice up a basic jogging outfit with jewelry.”

Adding stylish jewelry to your athleisure look will take it to the next level.


Mixing and matching different textures is another tried-and-true way to get the most out of your wardrobe, according to Eriksson.

She showed the example of a woman wearing an outfit containing different textures and told viewers that they should try to emulate her.

“For this outfit, we have a silky shirt, we have a leather bag, we have a knit skirt, and we have knit socks. So start mixing and matching different textures and clothes that you haven’t thought of before. .”


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