I’m a fashion fan and found the perfect summer dress in Asda’s maternity section – it looks exactly like the one Zara buys


FINDING the perfect summer dress isn’t as easy as you might think.

The options are always quite limited and are either far too tight, which isn’t good if you’re going to a BBQ, or they’re just too frumpy.


The dress is the perfect style for summerCredit: TikTok/@georginadaisya

But one fashion fan has found the perfect summer dresses and they are only a fraction of the price of the same style at Zara.

Georgina Daisy shared her find, writing, “Run to Asda for this dress.”

She bought the dress in two different colors, one bright green and the other in a pink and white print.

Both are perfect for summer as they are so light and flowy and even have adjustable straps.

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Although the fashionista didn’t realize while buying the dresses that they belonged to the maternity section, they still look great due to their loose style.

“Lol to me buying maternity dresses and not realizing it until I’ve paid my money,” she said.

“These are like midi/maxi dresses and they could literally be from Zara.”

“Thank you so much Asda Maternity, look at my dresses,” she said with a laugh.

Other users were also fans of the dresses, with one noting, “Primark has dresses similar to the green in store.”

And another joked, “How dare you not send this to me directly!!”

She caught them at the maternity ward


She caught them at the maternity wardCredit: TikTok/@georginadaisya
She told other fashion fans to get their hands on one for themselves


She told other fashion fans to get their hands on one for themselvesCredit: TikTok/@georginadaisya

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