I’m a tiny teen mom and my 14 month old already wears clothes for three year olds – trolls accuse me of child abuse


WHILE she was expecting her daughter, teenage mother Kayla says her short stature has hardly changed.

So naturally, the 18-year-old thought it was safe to assume that her baby girl would inherit her slim genes.


Kayla’s video has racked up over nine MILLION viewsCredit: TikTok
Kayla says she's spoken to several doctors about her daughter's weight


Kayla says she’s spoken to several doctors about her daughter’s weightCredit: TikTok

When she gave birth in 2020, Kayla’s daughter weighed 7lbs 5.5oz – which is a bit below average in the United States.

But 14 months later, the little girl is already wearing clothes suitable for a three-year-old – however, Kayla is adamant that her daughter is not overweight.

In one viral tiktok video which has racked up over 9.7 million views, Kayla wrote, “I think my baby will always be super small like I was while I was pregnant.”

The mum – who is just 5ft 2in and 110lbs – then filmed herself holding her baby, who is almost half Kayla’s height.


She added, “Her dad’s side is big and tall, so of course she’s like them.”

After the video went viral, Kayla was inundated with messages from trolls claiming her daughter was overweight and calling her a “pedophile”.

In response to a user who said her daughter needed more exercise, Kayla said, “She has been walking since she was 10 months old.

“She’s running around. Don’t try to tell me what I’m doing/not doing.”

Additionally, another argued that a doctor would say the baby girl was an unhealthy weight and the mother would eventually be reported to child services.

Responding to the claims, Kayla continued, “If you watch my videos, you’ll know I have more than one doctor’s opinion because she’s a big girl.

If you watch my videos, you’ll know that I have more than one doctor’s opinion because she’s a big girl. I have also spoken to lactation consultants and they all agree that she is doing well. His father’s family is very large.

“I’ve also spoken to lactation consultants and they all agree that she’s doing well. Her dad’s family is very, very large and she looks a lot bigger than she looks. is really next to me.

“She’s clearly fed and healthy and you can get out of here with this nonsense.”

But not everyone was so negative – and others asked Kayla to show her and her daughter standing side by side.

“Madam, she got you,” one replied. “You didn’t have it!”

The mother hit back at the trolls who called her a


The mother hit back at trolls who called her an ‘abuser’Credit: TikTok

Another added: “Oh so she’s going to be a big SUPERMODEL. What an amazingly beautiful baby and mom duo.”

“This is awesome,” wrote a third. “She’s almost half your size, I love that.”

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