Inside the luxurious lives of Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd’s kids, Ryder & Ace, with Burberry clothes and 5-star vacations


CHEYENNE Floyd may be a single mom of two, but when it comes to raising and spoiling her son and daughter, the Teen Mom star seems to spare no expense.

The 29-year-old fashion designer and photographer lives in Los Angeles and, according to The Sun, he’s worth a whopping $450,000.


Cheyenne Floyd’s children, Ryder and Ace, enjoyed a luxurious vacationCredit: Instagram / @cheynotshy
The Teen Mom star also dresses her kids in expensive outfits


The Teen Mom star also dresses her kids in expensive outfitsCredit: Instagram / @cheynotshy

Cheyenne joined the cast of Teen Mom during series 7 in 2015.

She welcomed a daughter, Ryder, with Cory Wharton, in 2017.

After Cory and Chey parted ways, she reunited with high school flame Zach Davis.

The two welcomed son Ace in 2021 and are currently engaged and planning an expensive wedding.

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Cheyenne started her own fitness business, which viewers caught a glimpse of on the reunion show, and also earns revenue from her sponsored social media content.

But the star’s average income does not prevent her from leading a luxurious life, especially when it comes to her children.


Cheyenne cuddle up with Ace while on vacation in Mexico


Cheyenne cuddle up with Ace while on vacation in MexicoCredit: Instagram / @cheynotshy

Cheyenne’s daughter, Ryder, and son, Ace, are 5 and almost 1 years old respectively.

However, the two are already world travelers, having rung in the new year in Mexico with Cheyenne and Zach at a luxury resort.

During the holidays, the family took walks on the beach and went to large water parks.

In many photos shared on instagramRyder sassily posed for the camera and Ace smiled happily.

Cheyenne’s last photo in her photo repository was a sweet moment with Ace snuggling up to his mother’s face as she held her baby boy in her arms.


Ryder and his family then traveled to Hawaii for a vacation


Ryder and his family then traveled to Hawaii for a vacationCredit: Instagram / @cheynotshy

A few months later, the family took another extravagant trip to Hawaii.

As part of her “Hawaii photo video,” in April, Cheyenne met her kids at a resort pool.

The Teen Mom star knelt down with a drink in one hand and her other arm wrapped around Ryder.

The mother/daughter duo smiled for the cameras while her youngest son Ace seemed more concerned about the water.

She captioned the snaps: “Celebrating my mum’s birthday all week but this hotel has a kids pool and an adult pool…

“I guess I won’t see her until we get home.”


Ryder was dressed in an expensive Versace swimsuit while vacationing in Hawaii


Ryder was dressed in an expensive Versace swimsuit while vacationing in HawaiiCredit: Instagram / @cheynotshy

Of course, a posh vacation only requires the fanciest clothes to wear, and fans have accused Cheyenne of being over the top once again as she dresses her kids for their trips.

Most notably, Ryder posed for photos in Hawaii wearing a nearly $400 Versace swimsuit.

The white one-piece was covered in blue, pink and purple butterflies, with the designer’s logo on the front.

In other photos, Ryder wore a nearly $200 swimsuit from luxury brand MC2 Saint Barth.

And back on dry land, Ace recently looked glam in a pair of $160 Burberry shorts and a $200 Burberry top as he wandered around his house.

A professional photographer snapped photos as the tot, who will officially turn one on May 27, danced and was standing next to a coffee table.

A proud Cheyenne mum captioned the photos: “Can’t believe my little man is about to be one. He takes steps but prefers to crawl.”


Ace showed off her head-to-toe Burberry outfit


Ace showed off her head-to-toe Burberry outfitCredit: Instagram / @cheynotshy

But it’s not just during the holidays that Chey shares the wealth.

A month after the birth of her son, she posted photos from inside her nursery, including her crib, which cost $1,500.

Alongside a boomerang clip of Ace wrapped in the white crib, the mother-of-two wrote, “First night home.”

After showing the nursery, fans of Reddit slammed her on big ticket items.

“$1500? sheeeshhhhhhh,” one fan commented.

“No one gives a fuck that you have an expensive bassinet. We know you’re rich,” added another.

“I’m not sure what the contraption is, but it’s clearly a ploy to get attention and money. The end,” a third commented.


Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd and Boyfriend Zach Davis Bought a BMW


Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd and Boyfriend Zach Davis Bought a BMWCredit: cheynotshy/Instagram

The spending mania is not limited to Ryder and Ace.

In March 2021, as Cheyenne prepared to give birth to Ace, she bought a brand new BMW X6 after looking at $60,000 engagement rings with boyfriend Zach.

Alongside the couple posing in front of the white BMW car adorned with a red bow, she wrote: “Welcome to the family…we have yet to name it!

“I’m keeping the jeep, but we wanted a car that would be easier with kids.”

Cheyenne followed up the announcement with another video where Teen Mom OG fans got to see the black rims, leather interiors and stunning design of the new family car.


The children signed their first commercial representation contracts


The children signed their first commercial representation contractsCredit: Instagram / @cheynotshy

As the bills pile up, someone has to pay them. Why not the children themselves?

In late 2021, Cheyenne revealed that Ryder and Ace “signed with a printing and commercial agency.”

The proud new Teen Momager announced the news with some of the new professional photographs of the kids on her Instagram.

Sharing some of the new professional snaps of her kids, the mom-of-two smiled proudly, holding Ace in one arm with Ryder cuddled up to her hip and smiling in the other.

Additional photos by Photograph by Asha Bailey showed Ace and Ryder adorable together, smiling and posing for the camera.

Cheyenne wrote, “So proud of my two babies! Last week they were both signed to a printing and commercial agency.

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“It’s come full circle because it was the same agency I was with as a child.”

The Teen Mom continued, “As of yesterday, Ace has already booked his first job! It’s an amazing feeling to be able to help Ryder follow his passions, ‘Mom, I want to be a Disney kid,’ and you all know I will make him move mountains to get there!”

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