Jahkil Jackson to head Chicago’s Young Biz Kid Day



The Hyde Park community recently celebrated its Young Biz Kid Day, which featured a marketplace as part of a national effort to celebrate and support child-owned businesses. Young Biz Kid Day is an annual experiential program that teaches young people how to start, own and operate their own businesses through a community-wide event. The event is held in several cities, presented by young entrepreneurs who are making incredible strides in business.

Presented by Jahkil Jackson, teenage entrepreneur, activist, author and founder of “Project I Am,” the Chicago Market was hosted at the Connect Gallery in Hyde Park. The event brought together 10 local kid-friendly vendors including A&K Lemonade (which was a huge success), Chicago Kid Apparel, Smart Guy Style, Harpix Visions 360, Ije’s World, Glow Up Custom Apparel, KS Jewels, London’s Creations , Alyssia’s Dream and Mariyah in a creative way.

Jahkil Jackson
A BOSS DECIDES to buy it from Jahkil Jackson during the recent Young Biz Kid Day.

Jahkil is known for his passion for supporting the homeless through Project I Am, the organization he started at the age of eight. He’s since distributed thousands of blessing bags, coordinated in person and via virtual wrap parties with kids around the world, and he’s been recognized by President Obama, Disney and many more.

His organization recently received a donation of $ 2,000 from Walmart, which will help him realize his vision. “I am grateful for my many blessings [and] Walmart for believing in my mission. This donation will help make more than 500 blessing bags for those in need, ”Jahkil said on Instagram. He also recently appeared on an episode of NBC’s “Chicago PD”.

Jahkil’s slogan is “Don’t wait to be awesome,” and he lives off the great work he does in the world, while also encouraging his peers to pursue their dreams and aspirations now. Child-owned businesses included in the market attracted more than 60 visitors and offered products, such as electric pillows, clothing and accessories, buttons, backpacks, etc. Young authors, Jahkil and Akyssia Duda also sold copies of their books at the market.

Sounds were provided by teenage DJ, DJ X2, and Harper’s 360-degree photo booth was a hit with sellers and featured customers. For more information on Project I Am, visit [https://officialprojectiam.com].



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