Jean Paul Gaultier does not fail to create clothes


Jean Paul Gaultier does not fail to design clothes.

Jean Paul Gaultier does not fail to create clothes

The legendary designer prefers “doing fashion things” – like curating exhibitions and TV shows – but loves that he left behind making clothes when he retired in January 2020.

After being asked if she misses doing high fashion, the 70-year-old fashion designer told the Observer, “Oh, not at all, no! I like to do fashion things but I don’t want to do fittings anymore. So if someone asks me to do an exhibition on a subject like denim or corsetry, I would love to do it. And that’s why I did the ‘Fashion Freak Show’, because I was going to 50 years of fashion and I like to express myself on that.

Jean Paul believes “there is a lot of beauty in difference” and this has motivated him when casting for the shows.

He said: I wanted to show that there is a lot of beauty in difference. There isn’t just one type of beauty. I’ve always liked being different – ​​maybe because I was different myself in some way. So I didn’t want the models that were so professional. I prefer to see girls that I’ve seen in clubs, like for example at the Palace [the Studio 54 of Paris], where did the French punks go. I didn’t want Parisian chic. I wanted the opposite girl: the modern girl.

The former Eurotrash presenter is “very proud” to have his vintage designs featured as part of the 90s red carpet trend, worn by Zendaya and Kendall Jenner.

Jean Paul said: “Very proud. This means that I was not mistaken! But also I didn’t just do fast fashion, fashion that only lasts one season, things that come and go. And I enjoy seeing that. Even if I no longer want to make collections myself, my idea of ​​taking on a different designer each season [to reinterpret Jean Paul Gaultier designs] is going very well. I even see that Willy Smith’s wife wore one of the dresses, the green dress is a Gaultier with [Y/Project’s] Glenn Martens.


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