Junior League hosts Cinderella’s Closet program, offering free prom dresses | News


(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The St. Joseph Junior League hosts its Cinderella’s Closet prom program.

The group offers free prom dresses to high school girls in the area, including accessories. Junior League volunteers are available to help girls choose and try on dresses.

This is in partnership with AFL-CIO Community Services which helps provide the dresses from donations. There’s yet another date girls can pick up dresses, but the junior league may add more dates this month.

“A lot of them look a lot like high-end dresses. They look like they might cost a couple hundred dollars. So I mean, even though they’re super cheap here. I mean, you get a dress from very high quality for pretty low prices,” said Ryan Slibowski.

“And since there’s such a variety, like everyone could find one that they probably like here, because they have a bunch of different sizes and a bunch of different colors and styles and everything,” Samantha said. Rumsey.

The next scheduled date is April 6 from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and appointments are requested but not required. You can go to Cinderella’s Closet located at 3007 North Belt Highway.

The Junior League will also post updates on its Facebook page. If you would like to donate one of your prom dresses, you can contact AFL-CIO Community Services.


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