‘Killing Eve’ Season 4 Episode 5 Fashion Recap: Dressed to Kill


Who the hell is behind The Twelve? As it turns out, the answer to the question we’ve been asking ourselves for four seasons now is someone we’ve known all along, which might be why Carolyn has been dealing with looks lately. Kill Eve Season 4 Episode 5 begins with a flashback to Carolyn’s school days in Berlin, where she was obviously a budding revolutionary cool enough to casually wear see-through tank tops and bully other girls into pretending that they are going to be the next Kafka. No offense, but we can’t say we’re surprised when the aspiring novelist in question is much less intimidated by an older Carolyn, who shows up demanding answers about the past in a gray marl sweatshirt and trench coat. crumpled.

Meanwhile, Konstantin was so thrilled that Pam proved she had thicker skin than he thought – by pushing him through the freezing, brackish waters of the North Sea, no less – that he decided she might have Villanelle-level potential. Naturally, this makes her need for a makeover more urgent than ever. “We’re going to have a great afternoon together dressing up,” he tells his new charge, who is bewildered that there’s something wrong with her wardrobe. “Nothing wrong with your clothes,” Konstantin assures her. “It’s great if you want people to avoid you at a party. But what if you want them to like you? What if you wanted to charm them…or, what if you want them to fall in love with you? Looks like Villanelle has rubbed off on him, because his idea of ​​an alluring look is a printed short-sleeved puffer jacket and matching pants by La Double J. Always eager to do things his way – and fed up with Konstantin – Pam is far from amused.

Back at the safe house in Havana, Villanelle found herself a new job: repaying the woman behind so many lavish meals she enjoyed by murdering her good-for-nothing husband, followed by those of all her friends who ‘ai also been a victim of domestic violence. She begins in an embroidered kaftan that looks innocent enough that local firefighters believe she is about to be burned. But on closer inspection — which we get when she shoves a fire hose into her first victim’s mouth — the tasselled intimate set is actually from Gucci. Great brands all around!

Eve is immensely proud to have shaken Hélène so well with the kidnapping of her daughter. Her rival gets her back little girl in a casual Equipment jumpsuit that looks positively murderous, promising Eve that she won’t get away with some kind of undoubtedly malicious revenge. When they next meet, Eve channels Carolyn in more ways than one: wearing a trench coat over a heather gray hoodie and proving to be more menacing than we had anticipated from the start. “You know, the first time I heard you were mad at me, I thought you were a little, what’s the word… pathetic?” said Helen. “I thought there’s someone who spends their life scrutinizing more exotic specimens, like a birdwatcher desperate to spy. First Villanelle, then me…but now I get it. You were in your sub -sol building your own wings. Damn pigeon wings! But wings nonetheless.

Unfortunately for Eve, she’s grown close enough to Hélène that she knows how much Villanelle means to her – and Villanelle just happens to be on the go. “I tried to kill other people’s assholes,” Konstantin and Pam’s killer informs taking them completely by surprise in Margate, “But charity starts at home.” Konstantin is thrilled with the return of his ultimate favorite killer, no doubt because she’s literally dressed to kill in a head-to-toe satin Loewe ensemble innocently printed with poppies and monarch butterflies. She’s out to hunt down and kill Hélène, and while Konstantin doesn’t give much to her or the viewers, we’re also intrigued by this mysterious “crazy” assassin he thinks she’ll like and might be able to help. At least, until it leads her right into Helen’s lap.

You know where this takes us: as Eve watches in agony, Hélène orders Villanelle’s execution in the most respectful way possible. Villanelle is not only dressed to the nines, but rather felled romantically by an old-school bow and arrow. If that’s how she’s got to do it — though, mind you, there are still three episodes left in the final season — well, at least she can do it in style.


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