Kohl’s Adds New Line to Increase Inclusiveness


After years of struggle, many changes have come to Kohl’s (KSS) and more are coming.

Earlier this year, Kohl’s was facing a buyout option with Franchise Group (FRG) , but after citing a volatile market, Kohl’s opted to end takeover talks. Shortly after the deal fell through, Kohl’s began making major changes to its fashion lines.

Kohl’s launched a section of its store dedicated to seasonal fashion for women by women focusing on different trends like sustainability, environment, gender neutral clothing called Discover @ Kohls.

The new section of the store will also feature programs that give back to organizations. The first such program was launched through the Gorongosa Project in Mozambique, Africa, involving the Gorongosa Coffee Co. which donates 100% of its profits to support the project. The project aims to find sustainable solutions to the environment in Africa.

Kohl’s upped their game against Target (TGT) by adding a store-in-store option from Sephora, a Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton company (LVMHF) , in house. Target has a store-in-store option with Ulta Beauty (ULTA) .

Kohl’s was able to do this partnership after Sephora and JCPenney’s (JCPNQ) partnership was coming to an end. Seizing the opportunity to expand its business footprint with a well-known retailer, Kohl’s expanded its beauty and skincare product lines.

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Kohl’s new target

At 20, most people don’t even think about what their body is capable of. According to Disabilitycanhappen.org, 20% of them will experience a disability before retirement age. It can be an injury resulting in short-term disability, illness or even pregnancy. The way a disability would change a person’s daily life can be staggering.

An injury could prevent you from entering your home if you have stairs leading to your house and could prevent you from accessing your bedroom. Most homes do not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which includes wider hallways, room for wheelchair access, rails to assist in getting up or out of a seated position and more. Some of these changes can easily be made by spending money, what about the little things you think you can do, like cooking a meal, showering, eating, or getting dressed?

Kohl’s draws attention to people with or without disabilities, in a fashion sense. The clothing offer for people who find it difficult to dress themselves. It can be either an injury that creates a short-term disability, or an illness that has created greater difficulty in dressing, or a person who is permanently unable to dress or undress. Kohl’s believes these people deserve to be entitled to the fashions and comforts of high fashion just like anyone else shopping in its aisles.

Celebrate Independence

Kohl’s new clothes will be supplied by three of the private labels, Sonoma Goods for Life, Tek Gear and SO. These brands will create adaptive designs for adults keeping comfort and functionality in mind with fashions extended to all everyday clothing needs.

Apparel items will empower its consumers to express themselves through their fashion choices, something most people take for granted when choosing clothes.

Kohl’s has partnered with GAMUT management, an organization that represents people with disabilities. Both companies worked with focus groups of people with disabilities to determine what was most functional and suited to everyday needs and today’s trends. This project is expected to create an adaptive adult clothing collection that will continue to grow and develop with the needs of its consumers as well as what is popular in fashion.

This project aims to give a sense of independence to those who need help with dressing and undressing, but also to help them choose their fashion and make the fashion they love work for them. in their different capacities.

Kohl’s continues to raise the bar when it comes to bringing voice to groups of people who have had no voice in mass fashion, including gender-neutral clothing for kids, fashion lines for women by women and now clothing for people with disabilities. Today, Kohl’s finds a way to make consumers proud to shop its aisles with what it stands for and represents.


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